My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 25 Justin Apologized

"I am wrong. I am really wrong. Myra! You can beat or scold me! Let me drive you home first, okay? " Justin said sincerely.

"You bastard! Go away. I don't need you to drive me home. " Myra struggled to get off the car.

But she was still very sad and angry. 'Justin! How could you do this to me?

I had regarded you as my most trusted friend. What did you think of me? Was I that kind of promiscuous woman?' Myra cried as she walked.

"Myra, I'm wrong! Can you get in the car first? I am really wrong. Whether you forgive me or not, please get in the car first! " Justin also got off the car and chased after Myra.

"Justin, get out of my way! I don't want to see you anymore! Get away! " Myra choked with hatred.

"Myra, I beg you. Myra! Listen to me once, okay? " Justin still pleaded.

"Enough! Justin! Stop acting! I beg you to stay away from me, okay? It's all my fault. I mistook you as a good friend. I won't do that again. " Myra said sadly.

At that time, a taxi passed by, and Myra finally got on it.

"Myra! Myra! " Justin could only watch Myra get on a taxi and leave.

He returned to his car. Although it Myra got on a taxi, Justin was still worried.

So he drove the car and followed the taxi silently. He really didn't know what was wrong with him tonight. How could he end up like this?

'I just got along well with Myra, but what happened to me?

I deserved it. What if Myra didn't forgive me?' Justin felt regretful in his heart.

"Did you quarrel with your boyfriend? It will be ok! Young people always quarrel with each other. It will be fine. Don't worry too much. But your boyfriend treats you very well. He keeps driving after you. If it's not a big deal, please forgive him! " The driver said warmly.

"Sis, it's not like what you said." Myra explained immediately.

"Miss, you don't have to explain so much. I've been through this. " After saying that, the driver focused on driving.

really speechless with the driver. This was


of this, Myra became angry again. 'What a bad luck! He was really lucky

should have slapped him a few more times. How dared he flirt with a married

say that? Rabbits wouldn't eat the grass beside their nests. What's wrong with Justin? Didn't he know how to hook up

him again, I would

The driver interrupted Myra.

How much is it? "


piece of one hundred and handed it to the driver. Then she

say something else. But Myra directly opened the gate and went in her

What a rich life! " The driver said and drove

after seeing Myra

I knew you must hate

time, okay?' Justin thought sadly while driving.

was still in a bad mood.

hadn't come back yet.

very late again. Fortunately, he was not here, or he would

shower first. After taking a shower, she was

think too much. I was

was not as unhappy as before. Josef hadn't come back yet. Myra wanted to watch

at this time, her phone rang again. Was it

had a look. Her good mood was

hung up the phone directly. As soon as Justin returned home, he

so much?' Thinking of this, Justin continued to call, but Myra either hung

a reply from the customer service. 'Sorry, the subscriber you dialed was not answered for the time being.' Justin

be tired to keep calling me?' The phone

me off. You'd better have something

now. I wouldn't care who you

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