My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 27 Darling! I Am Sleepy

Yvonne asked the waiter to help her carry Josef to the car.

Of course, Josef was not really drunk. He just wanted to see if Yvonne would ask him something else.

Even if she didn't ask, he would find a way to tell her later. Anyway, he could get rid of her and go home if he was drunk.

It's killing two birds with one stone. As a businessman, Josef could think of ideas to kill two birds with one stone in everything.

Didn't everyone say that? 'Women were trouble', Men were no exception. What's more, this man was cunning.

If both Yvonne and Myra knew what kind of person Josef was, would they still love him so wholeheartedly?

In the car, Yvonne felt that it was a chance to ask Josef. "Hey, Josef, wake up! What's wrong with you today? What happened? Can you tell me? "

"Don't disturb me. I want to sleep. I feel dizzy. " Josef pretended to be drunk and have a headache.

"Tell me what happened today and I'll let you have a good rest, okay? Josef. Tell me. " Yvonne tried to persuade Josef again.

She didn't know that it was so cute for Josef to be drunk. She was attracted by him, but she knew that even if he was drunk, he still had something on his mind.

He was still frowning. She should find a way to make him speak it out. She felt sorry for him.

Josef realized that it was about time, he wouldn't know how to say it if he didn't tell the truth now.

"Nothing. Yvonne. What do you want to know? I really want to sleep. Being drunk can relieve my sorrows. " Josef began to talk drunkenly.

about? You haven't told me yet. Tell me why you want to get drunk. " Yvonne

don't want to bother you anymore. You are a good girl! You will have your own happiness! I will solve my problem by

your matter? I really want to help you. Why don't you

not a small matter. I have a big problem. I need a fake divorce with Myra and a fake engagement

divorce? And what fake

seemed to be asleep, he didn't respond to her. 'Josef, what should

was really not a small matter. I couldn't help you anymore. No wonder you didn't tell me. You

divorce?' Looking at Josef's sleeping face, Yvonne thought, 'If only I could always look at you like this. It was too

it. I would ask you

first!' Yvonne sent Josef back happily,

only belonged to me and you.' Yvonne

in his heart, 'I finally spoke it out. Tomorrow, Yvonne would come to ask me. It seemed that it was not a problem to ask her for

now, I still felt

sorry to you in my heart. I had already had Myra in my heart, so I couldn't love you

Josef, wake up! You are

into the room at night, Myra would misunderstand her. In that case, Josef would still blame

up Josef first. "What's wrong? Am

didn't sleep all the way, but he

Do you need me to help you

I fell asleep just now. Sorry to bother you. Be careful on your way home! I'm going inside! Bye-bye! See

you tomorrow! " Then Yvonne drove away. When Josef entered the bedroom, he saw that Myra had fallen asleep. He cautiously went into the bathroom to take a shower. He didn't want to wake up his dear! It was

hour later that Josef

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