My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 29 Josef's Brain Isn't Functioning

"It's not a small matter. Don't worry, Yvonne. I'd better think of another way! " Said Josef.

"Don't you believe that I can make it for you? Or don't you want me to help you at all? I've told you. I will help you find the right person as long as you get a fake divorce with Myra. " Yvonne said unhappily.

"But it's not a small matter! What if you really can't find the right person? I don't want to take the risk. " Josef still disagreed.

"If I can't find the right person, I am here. I can do it myself! Don't worry too much. " Said Yvonne.

"You? How can you do that? It's not workable. It's unfair to you. It's not good for your reputation in the future. I will never agree on it. " Josef opposed resolutely.

"Why not? Don't forget that I'm your confidante. You are in trouble, isn't it normal for me to help you? I am willing to help you, or you don't take me as your confidante. Don't forget that it's hard for you to find someone else except me who can help you with this matter. We have known each other for so long and we are very familiar with each other. So this is the key to the problem. Haven't you ever thought about it? With your identity, can you find someone to get engaged to you casually? Aren't you afraid of being deceived? It will be more troublesome. Listen to me! As long as Myra don't misunderstand me, I can help you. " Said Yvonne.

"But it's unfair to you. You will be criticized by others in the future. How can I let an innocent girl like you do such a thing? Besides, you are my confidante. I can't do that. " Said Josef hesitantly.

"It's not unfair. I am willing to help you. Does it need to be fair or unfair to help my friend? Don't think too much. I want to help you from the bottom of my heart. I just don't want you to be so upset. I'm glad that I can help you. It's settled then. We will discuss the details. But you'd better think about how to tell Myra! " Said Yvonne.

"Thank you, Yvonne. Why do I feel like a jerk? I always ask you for help. " Josef pretended to smile bitterly.

"Well, I'm going to be angry, If you keep being so sentimental. Now that I have helped you solve this big problem, you should be happy! I have to go out to work. Call me if anything happens. " After saying that, Yvonne left Josef's office.

This result was exactly what Josef wanted. Now the main thing was how to fake a divorce with his beloved one. Alas! It was really difficult for him.

Myra was simple, but she was not stupid enough to sign the divorce agreement without knowing it!

way to let her sign it and not know it?

the door and came in.

his name without reading it. "Mr. Josef, you haven't read it. Why did you sign it directly? "

I read it just now? "

You didn't read it, just signed it. " The assistant said in a

didn't know what was wrong with Josef. Why did he ask two

can leave now! " After saying that,

thought. It turned out that he had forgotten to read the document when he was thinking about how to make Myra sign

her think about something else and just sign it without

idea. In this way, he wouldn't feel embarrassed to tell her about the

to sign anything. What should

He really couldn't figure

isn't it? Why are you so free to

I just want to ask how to make a woman sign her name

is easy for her to sign her name. You just need to spend money for her. Like buying a gift! You can ask her to sign it dozens of times. " Said Ellen.

thought of what you said. I don't think it's useful. Is there any other way? " Josef said unhappily as he didn't

she doesn't lack anything. How can she sign it without any reason? In my opinion. You'd better tell her the truth! Isn't it good? You don't need to think

a long time to come up with such an idea!" Josef was speechless.

are so powerful, but you can't figure it out. Don't make things difficult for me,

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