My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 31 I Would Rather You Play Dumb

When Myra went downstairs and saw Justin in the car, she was furious. She went over and knocked on the window.

However, Justin opened the door of the passenger seat and said, "Get in!"

"Justin, can you finish your words now? Let's talk about it here! I won't get in your car. " Myra said angrily.

"Do you want others to misunderstand us? Get in the car! I'm doing this for your own good. " Justin said as if he had done nothing wrong.

"For my own good? Since it's for my own good, please leave here and never disturb me. This is for my own good. Can you do it? " Myra said sarcastically.

"Myra, do you really have to do this? I just want to have a talk with you. Is it really necessary to do this? " Justin answered sadly.

"Did I say anything wrong? Don't put on a sad face. Who are you going to show it to? It's me who should be sad. " Myra said ruthlessly.

"Well, it doesn't matter if you want to waste the time. If your servants see us and tell your husband, don't say it's my fault. I just want to have a talk with you. " Justin said calmly.

"You, you are really despicable!" As Myra said, she also got on Justin's car.

She thought what Justin said was right. If others saw them, they might say something bad.

In fact, she just didn't want to let Josef know. He was jealous last night. He would be furious if he knew that she talked with Justin here!

Justin didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. He was described as despicable by his beloved woman.

It was also his fault. But did she really have to be like this? Thinking of this, he felt sad again.

Justin who was just driving thoughtfully, Myra didn't know what to say. She had scolded him

know what he wanted. She was really upset and

to the seaside. Myra

remember this place?"

I had ever been here?" Myra rolled

sadly. "What's wrong with you?"

the car. Sitting on a rock by the sea, Myra

remember? But she

remembered or not? Justin did something wrong. That's

sat next

his coat on her, she really wanted to say something for a moment, but she didn't know how to say, so she continued to stare at the sea.

hate me?" After a while, Justin broke the silence.

think I should hate

I don't wish you don't hate me now, I just hope you can forgive me

now." Myra said after thinking

will disturb your happiness?" Justin said with

I mean?" Myra looked at the

In fact, you have always known that, haven't you? I suddenly feel that

sometimes it's all over. People should look forward. It's not interesting for you to look back. " It seemed that Myra was talking about something that had

came back too late, so I can't blame anyone else. "

It's not

to be with her, not love, but friendship.

I'm happy now, and I

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