My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 32 I Will Love You Forever

"Justin, I find that you are really good at talking nonsense! Don't you feel embarrassed to say that? " Myra said speechlessly.

"Really? Nonsense? Why don't I think so? " Justin looked at the sea in the distance and said nothing.

"Justin, am I selfish?" Myra suddenly said.

"What do you think?" Justin didn't answer directly.

"So you mean I'm selfish. What do you mean by what I think? " Myra said with dissatisfaction.

"Don't you know that you are selfish or not? You don't need me to tell you in detail! " Said Justin.

"Justin, can't you say some good words to me?" Myra said unhappily.

"What good words do you need to hear? Aren't you very happy? Why are you so greedy? " Justin said with a bitter smile.

"All right! Forget it. " Myra said listlessly. "Does he treat you well?" Justin said after a while.

"I'm very happy. Do you think he treats me well or not?" Myra looked at the sea in the distance and said.

"Oh, you were drunk that night. What happened?" Justin asked after hesitating for a while.

"You are not married, so you don't know. It is normal for a couple to quarrel sometimes, but they will become reconciled soon.

It's inevitable for a couple to have some conflicts after getting along with each other for a long time. It's not a big deal. " Said Myra.

"As long as you are happy. Is this marriage? If it were me, I would never hurt the one I love. I would never let her be wronged. " Justin said to Myra.

This was his promise, but he had missed the chance to say it. "You will be happy too. It's just your fate hasn't come yet." Said Myra.

you for your good words. I believe that my fate is not far

back." Myra looked at the time and said.

and helped her up like a gentleman. "Thank you! Here is your coat. " Said Myra, handing the coat to

in the car! " Justin didn't take the coat but

to the place where they parked the car

for your thoughtfulness. The

considered happy! How about we go back after

Myra could answer, her

are you


work. I'll go home to have

you come back! Bye! " Myra hung up

that was hung up by Myra, Josef was a little unhappy. 'What happened to darling? She hung up the phone before I could finish my words.' "Well, you have heard everything. I really don't have time to have dinner with you

to ask you


is not easy to ask your women out." Justin said and drove to the direction of

are too picky. Sometimes it's not good to be too picky. It's always right to listen to me. " Said

I can't do anything. Anyway, it's good to be single!

difficult for you to find one if you become an old boy." Myra said

that bad?" Justin said

you are rich!

I can't win you anyway. " Justin

to the

and drive carefully! Let's make a deal first! Don't send me so many messages. I will

again. I'll go inside first. Bye! " Myra got off

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