My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 33 Josef's Domineering Love

"Honey, eat more! Don't always eat vegetables. Eat more meat, okay? You should listen to me. " Josef said the same words during the dinner.

"I don't want to eat so much meat. I just like vegetables." Myra said discontentedly.

"Well, look at yourself. You are so thin. It's not that I don't want you to eat vegetables! But you only eat vegetables and don't eat meat. You will be imbalanced in nutrition. " Josef said seriously.

"Honey! Don't do that. You are so long winded. Ok, I will eat some meat. You must be thirsty after talking so much. How about having more soup? " Myra said and filled a bowl of soup for Josef.

"You!" Josef said to her helplessly.

However, Myra tittered in her heart. She liked Josef like this. This was her happy family.

After dinner, they sat on the sofa and watched TV.

"Honey! I'm very busy at work every day, and I can only stay with you for very short time. I feel sorry for you. Are you bored staying at home alone every day? " Josef said to Myra in his arms.

"Honey, did you do something wrong to me? Why do you admit your mistake so consciously? You are suspicious. " Myra joked.

Hearing what she said. Josef was stunned and said, "Honey! Are you doubting my loyalty to you? I swear I didn't do anything wrong to you! "

"I'm just kidding. Don't take it so seriously." Myra said with a smile, lying in his arms.

"You are so naughty. How could you joke with your husband? " With these words, Josef began to tickle her.

"Ha ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! I was wrong, honey. Stop tickling me. Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! " Myra begged for mercy.

of me next time?" Josef asked with a smile.

Honey, you are bullying me. " Myra

you angry? It's my fault.

I won't talk to you anymore." As she said, she found a

you stop moving? Don't try to set me on fire! " Josef whispered in

lecherous." Myra said shyly.

something like that about her husband? You are

are so boring. Watch TV with me!" Myra said, looking at the handsome man on TV.

jealous and said, "Honey, Who

what he said, Myra smiled speechlessly and didn't answer. "Honey, you haven't answered me yet."

is handsome. No one can compare

me. " With these

over, Josef said with embarrassment, "Honey! Don't ignore my love,

you. How can I bear to do that? My husband is always the most handsome man in my heart.

said, Josef smiled happily.

together in a

long time since we went out together.

anywhere you want to go?

You can take me anywhere you want."

I will sell you? Why don't you think about anything? " Said

to you anymore. You are

you anymore.

my good husband. Honey, I

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