My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 34 Honey, I'm Sorry

Just as the two were watching TV affectionately, the doorbell rang.

Mrs. Liu went to open the door. "Hey, Josef, let me get up first. There's a guest at home. He will laugh at us." Said Myra.

"No, I want to hold you. It's so comfortable." Josef refused.

"Honey, stop it. Listen to me, okay? Let me get up first. " Myra struggled to get up.

However, Josef smile but didn't let go of her hand. So she couldn't get up.

"Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?" Said Ellen ambiguously.

There was another man with Ellen. Hearing his words, Myra felt very embarrassed, but it didn't matter to Josef. He asked Myra to get up and sit next to him.

"Have a seat!" Josef said to Ellen and the man.

Mrs. Liu made tea for the two of them. "Nice to meet you, sister-in-law! I'm sorry to bother you at this late hour! " Ellen said to Myra.

"Nothing. You are here for business, aren't you? I'll go upstairs first. You guys take your time. " Myra said and was about to leave.

"Honey, where are you going? You are also responsible for this business. How can we talk about it if you leave? " Said Josef, holding Myra's hand.

"Yes! Sister-in-law! What Josef said is right. " Ellen said with a smile.

Myra was surprised to hear that. "Honey, what's going on? Does it have anything to do with me? " Asked Myra.

"Honey, read this document first." As Josef spoke, he fetched a thick file from Ellen and handed it to Myra.

"What's this?" Asked Myra, holding the documents.

be developed. You can read it

the documents

other hand, she wondered, 'What

me to read the documents about the resort? I didn't know anything about it. It should be business of the

a look."

had to read it carefully. It was complete.

law, do you think this resort

well done. It seems that there is no problem! This resort is worth investment! " Myra said with

of the investment. Only then did I realized that I didn't have

Why did my husband get involved?

Myra couldn't figure out what was on

do you think?" Josef

don't know what to say! " Said Myra. "I believe in your taste. That's it.

Ellen said

with disapproval.

you so much for helping me get through this." Ellen said gratefully and asked his assistant

sister-in-law. Then the resort

about? I don't know much about business! Don't be kidding."

take part in it. Welcome. " Ellen said

don't take it seriously. Josef was joking. I know nothing about business. I don't want to cause you trouble." Said

haven't invested anything with you. It's a rare opportunity.

here. It's a rare opportunity for us to

turn. " As he spoke, he handed the contract and pen to Myra. "Honey, I don't think it's a good idea! It is enough that you two cooperate

invest with me, do you?" Josef

too much. That's not what

not. Forget it. You don't want to invest with

sorry. I'll sign it.

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