My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 36 Honey! Don't Leave Me (Part Two)

Darren asked with concern, "Miss Bess, you are too polite. I treat you as my own child. Of course, I am already very happy if you don't dislike me. I will take good care of Mr. John. Be careful outside. "

Bess regarded Darren as another father, "Uncle Darren, I will. Well, go to bed early too! Don't worry about me. I'm not a child anymore. "

"Well, Miss Bess, that's it." Then Darren hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Bess was still in a daze for a long time. She wondered whether the person who cursed her as a loser would also worry about her.

She really had mixed feelings. John had always wanted to stop her from coming to China. He took her abroad regardless of everything, that's when she lost contact with Myra.

Now, what did John want to do? Bess was no longer the woman she used to be. She believed no one could take me away easily.

She still remembered that night five years ago, she was going to bed.

Her father took her on a private plane and left China. At that time, she begged her father that she didn't want to leave China.

But in the end, regardless of her objection, her father forced her to leave. So she didn't even have time to say goodbye to Myra.

She hated her father. Why did he do that?

She had been educated strictly since she was a child. She didn't care because there was a person called Myra who could make her happy at school.

But five years ago, her father deprived her of her happiness.

Five years! It wasn't five days or five hours, how could she forgive him so easily? Who would return her happiness of five years?

What did she do wrong? Just because her name was Bess? Did she deserve to be unhappy?

'You had to be cold and heartless. You couldn't have any emotion, or you would always be a loser.' Her father's words had been ringing in her ears for the past five years.

What about now? 'Didn't you want me to be more ruthless? What did my life have to do with you? Would ruthless people care about others?' Bess smiled bitterly.

Looking at Myra's sleeping face, Josef felt so happy. After kissing on her forehead, he stood up gently. In the study, he took out his phone and dialed Ellen's number.

it was connected. "Are you asleep?"

replied, "Not yet. I was taking shower just now. What's

thought for a while and asked, "I want

you can get divorced." Ellen was still in a

the answer, but he

in a good mood after hearing the answer? What's wrong with me? It was just a fake divorce, not a real

really good? Don't you need to tell Myra? " Ellen thought for

thinks too much. The less people knows about it, the better. " Sitting on the chair in the study, Josef was

fake divorce has been done. Whom

As long as you help me, I'll

You really know her. In fact, she is a

said, "What are you talking about? She just wants

continued joking, "Eh! How dare you say

not as bored as you. Yvonne is my confidant. What are you thinking about?

not a big deal even if you used the honey trap. " Said Ellen fearlessly. Josef didn't want to talk nonsense with him anymore. "Well, I

Go back to your sweet dream! " Ellen answered and hung up the

Myra was still sleeping soundly. Josef got into bed gently and

He could think of such a

finished his work in the study and went to bed after taking

didn't know why he couldn't fall asleep after lying

so he had to drink

With his phone in his hand, he wanted to call her again.

could I call her now?' His forehead was

from afar. How could I disturb

who loved her very much. She also loved

can't disturb her anymore, okay? Justin!

the middle of the night, Myra was sleeping soundly, but was awakened by Josef beside her.

leave me, okay? I beg you. " With tears streaming down his

you? Wake up! " Frightened

just called out Myra's name and hugged her tightly.

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