My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 39 Darling! You're Being Naughty (Part One)

In the afternoon, Josef arrived at his office. "Hello, Mr. Josef!" Secretary Wen greeted him respectfully.

Pointing at the breakfast on the desk, Josef asked, "Has anything happened this morning? What's this? "

"Mr. Josef! Excuse me. This is the breakfast Miss Yvonne brought you this morning. I forgot to throw it away. And Mr. Ellen came to see you this morning, he went to Miss Yvonne's office for a while before leaving. " After that, Secretary Wen had already packed up the breakfast on the table.

"Well, it's all right. Go and ask Miss Yvonne to come over," said Josef casually.

"Okay, I'll go right now." Then she left his office.

Soon there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" Replied Josef.

As soon as Yvonne came in, she asked, "CEO! Are you looking for me?"

Putting down the documents in his hands, Josef said, "There's no one else here. You'd better call me Josef! Not for business. Did Ellen come here this morning? "

"Yes. This is the document he asked me to give you. " Yvonne answered and handed it to Josef.

Josef said indifferently, "This is the divorce agreement between me and Myra. I can't hide anything from you. I can get a divorce certificate with it later. What about the person you find for me? "

"I am the person. How do you want me to help you? " Yvonne was surprised to hear that.

Josef said with embarrassment, "Those old men will come back from abroad in a few days. I'll ask my assistant to go through the divorce procedure later. Can you help me with the engagement? I am thinking about sending Myra away these two days. "

Yvonne seemed to be reasonable, "You are right. If Myra stays here, she will find out. It is better to let her go out for a walk first. "

Josef looked at her and said with concern, "But I'm sorry, Yvonne!"

She said righteously, "Don't worry! Josef! I don't you feel wronged that I can help you. Don't think too much. I'll go home and talk to my parents after work. "

Josef pretended to care about her and asked, "Will it put you in a difficult position? How about I go with you? How can I bear to see you do so much for me? "

was considerate, she said: "It's okay. You can't go with me today." Maybe next time! I will take you back. You'd better go

can think of everything. The one who will marry you will

"Hee hee! Are you

jealous! You such a good girl. Moreover, you are a versatile talent. But I'm

need anything! " Yvonne left Josef's office with a smile. "Okay, go ahead with your work." Josef

was really a good girl. She could handle everything well with a clear distinction between public and private affairs.

had these troubles now! I envied the man who was

his assistant and the lawyer to deal with the

they brought the divorce certificate they had just handled and handed


wanted to stop thinking so much, but he couldn't help

finally divorced. He was a

vivid in his mind. In

called Secretary Wen to his office. "Secretary Wen! Am I right? Myra

"Mr. Josef! Don't think too much. Since you had already got the divorce certificate, what was the point of thinking about it now?

"I'm afraid that she won't forgive

say, "Miss Myra will understand you. You did this just to be with her! She won't leave you. Mr. Josef! You'd better think about where to take

"Okay! She said she wanted

Wen analyzed, "France? I'll arrange it! The sooner you send Miss Myra away, the better.

with the matters here in the few days while I send her

Then Secretary Wen left.

on the table, Josef hesitated. 'But in order to have a better tomorrow for us, could you forgive me

and rushed to her parents' house.

servant of Yvonne's parents, greeted Mrs. Wang as soon as she saw her and took over the things in her hands.

Where are my parents?

"They are in the house. Mr. Thomas just came back from work. Miss Yvonne, will you stay

replied happily.

Honey, look! The sun is rising

mother, acting like a spoiled child, "Dad! Mom! I'm back. Do you miss

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