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Chapter 40 Darling! You're Being Naughty (Part Two)

"You are a good girl! I just haven't seen your bring a boyfriend. How can we not be anxious? Yvonne, it's time for you to get married. " Melissa sighed.

Yvonne pretended to be cute, "Dad, say something! Mom said that to me. I've become an old woman who can't get married. In fact, your daughter is still so young and lovely. Why are you two so anxious? Right? "

Melissa said to Thomas in a spoiled tone, "It is all over with, honey! It's so difficult for us to see her boyfriend! I'm looking forward to it day and night! She is so stupid. What should we do? "

Yvonne smiled, "Mom, please don't. Next time I'll show you my boyfriend. Do you really want to marry me out? Don't regret it! "

"Really? When is next time? "

Yvonne was speechless. "Eh! Mom! You are being annoying again. "

"Who knows what next time is! What do you think? Honey! "

Yvonne smiled shyly, "Hee hee! Ok! It won't be long. It is a few days later. "

"Honey, did I hear it wrong? Yvonne said she would bring her boyfriend here in a few days. "

Thomas replied happily, "Yes, honey! I heard it too. "

Yvonne was unhappy to hear that, "Dad! Mom! I have something to ask you! Am I ugly? "

Thomas and Melissa said at the same time, "Silly girl, what are you talking about? You are so beautiful, how can you say that you are ugly? "

Yvonne pretended to be silly and asked, "Dad! Is our company going bankrupt? "

Thomas and Melissa were worried about their daughter. "Are you okay, Yvonne? Our company is doing well. It won't go bankrupt in decades."

Yvonne pretended to not understand, "That's good. Then why are you in such a hurry to marry me out? "

'I thought her head was kicked by a donkey just now. Why did she ask such a silly question? ' Thomas and Melissa looked at each other and thought.

"Dad! Mom! What kind of expression are you wearing? It seems that I asked a silly question. "

Melissa tittered, "Yvonne, don't you think it's a silly question?"

"Mom! How can you laugh at me like that? I won't love you anymore. " Yvonne immediately sat next to Thomas.

said innocently, "Yes! Honey! How can you laugh at our precious daughter face to face? If you want

pretended to be angry, "Dad! Mom! You are

Wang came over and said, "Mr. Thomas! Mrs. Melissa! Miss Yvonne!

it's late. Don't

the most. I love you so much." Yvonne held her parents' hands and walked towards the table.

said in grievance, "So I'm

comforted her immediately, "Mommy! I love you too. Both

resignedly, "Our daughter always knows how to

with you for a long

could you be so thin? Eat more!

left after chatting with

sad that Yvonne was about to leave, "Yvonne, you haven't been home for a

first, "Well, Mommy! I have to go back to work. I will accompany

lie to your mother

hurriedly comforted her, "Honey, Yvonne has grown up. Don't act like a child. Yvonne, go

see. Dad, help mom get inside! I will go. Mommy, I'll call

entered the house with Melissa in his arms. "Honey, don't be sad. Yvonne has grown up. Don't worry too much

has grown up! But I just want her to stay with me for a little longer.

apologized immediately, "Honey is

with Myra. The two of them watched TV in the living

asked gently, "Honey! Let's go

TV, Myra answered, "What? Go to France tomorrow? Honey, are you kidding me?

helplessly, "Honey! I am serious. Stop watching TV.

"Honey, I'm

felt wronged, "Honey! You don't take me seriously. I'm not as important as

too much. You are my beloved husband. How can you compare with

"Why don't you answer me? Darling! You

naughtily apologized, "Honey!

to say again, "How about we go

go to the company with

his arms, "That's enough. How could the company compare with my dear?

so far. As long as you spend two days with me. There are so

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