My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 41 I'm Very Simple (Part One)

When Myra woke up, Josef had already got up to work. He didn't sleep late today.

Myra felt a little sore in her neck. It turned out that she watched her husband fall asleep last night. No wonder! She finally got up. It was boring without her husband's company.

She went to wash up. Half an hour later, she had changed her clothes and went downstairs.

"Morning! Miss Myra! " Mrs. Liu greeted her.

"Good morning!" Myra sat down and began to watch TV.

Mrs. Liu continued, "Miss Myra! I'll make breakfast for you. Drink some milk first. "

"Okay." Myra took the milk and continued to watch TV. She got up too early and didn't know what to do, so she could only watch TV. It was only nine o'clock. She watched TV wearily.

Alas, she was so bored.

There was nothing to watch on TV, mainly because she felt bored and couldn't watch anything.

She played with her phone. Nobody called her at this time! It was so boring!

She wanted to call her husband and have a talk with him. But he just went to work. She'd better not stick to him so much.

She looked at the phone book and didn't know whom to call.

As soon as she put down the milk, she dialed Bess's number unconsciously. By the time she realized what had happened, the phone had been connected.

When Bess saw the call was from Myra, she put down her work.

"Morning! Myra! " Said Bess.

"Good morning! What are you up to? Did I bother you? "

Bess said with concern, "No! It's so rare for you to call me. Just got up? Have you had breakfast? "

In fact, Bess was being busy! She was in a meeting. But she couldn't refuse Myra's call!

files could pass or not, but the meeting was dismissed when Bess

prepare for a few days and

were. Bess's assistant looked at her disapprovingly, but she didn't bother to look at them and waved her hand to let them go

bother you? Aren't you at work now? I heard last time that you've been

"Hee hee! Last time was last time! I'm not busy today! Why haven't you had breakfast yet?

watched TV wearily, "He! He

Do you want me to buy

refused her kindness, "You are still at work. No need. I'll just

whether to go to work or not. I didn't have breakfast either. You can eat with me! Send me your address! I'll pick you up,

can you run out of work? How can you skip work as a boss?

"Myra! Send it to me now. I'm so hungry. Do you want me to wait for you

right! I'll send it to you right now! Thank you! Bess! " Then Myra sent the address to Bess.

Liu! You don't need to prepare breakfast for me.

Myra! Don't you have breakfast? It's not good for your health. Mr. Josef will

out with my friend. You don't have to prepare for

you going out so

After saying that, Myra went upstairs with

Mrs. Liu thought, 'Young people nowadays! She even had breakfast outside.

to her room happily and chose her clothes. She put on a beautiful makeup

at the downstairs of Myra's house in

downstairs happily. Mrs. Liu asked, "Miss Myra, do you

thanks. My friend came to pick me up." After saying that,

opened the door of the passenger seat for her! "Hello. Beautiful

beautiful Bess. " Myra replied with a smile.

today! You look so young! I'm

mean I looked

in a spoiled tone, "You! You are still as naughty

hee! Beauty, where are you taking

asked, "Where do you want to go? I'll

naughtily made a face and said, "I'm a good girl. I'm not

happily and said, "You are very obedient. Then I'll make the decision! Can

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