My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 42 I'm Very Simple (Part Two)

"Your business is really getting better and better. You look younger and younger."

"You two are so sweet! I have to go back to work. Have a good taste of the food! Come here often if you have time! " Then the landlady went back to her work.

"Okay. Bye-bye! Bye! " Bess and Myra answered. Soon, the dishes were served.

Bess poured wine for Myra and asked, "I haven't been here for five years. How about you?"

"I haven't been here since you left," said Myra thoughtfully.

"Myra, are you still blaming me?" Bess asked cautiously.

"Let bygones be bygones. Don't think too much. Just enjoy the food!" After saying that, Myra clinked glasses with Bess.

She put down the glass and continued, "Bess! I'm glad that we can eat here again. "

Bess was happy to hear that and shed tears. "I'm also happy. I'm really happy."

"You! You are not a child. Are your tears worthless? " Myra wiped Bess's face with a tissue.

Bess smiled through tears, "My tears are worthless in your eyes."

Myra smiled and said, "It's good that you laugh. I don't know how to comfort you! I am almost moved to cry. "

Bess felt wronged, "You have no sympathy. It's so scary! "

Myra still smiled and said, "Well. I don't have sympathy! Are you happy now? "

The two of them finished the meal happily. When they paid the bill, the cashier gave them a 50% discount.

She said that it was the order from the landlady. She hoped they could come again. The landlady was so sweet.

After walking out of the restaurant, Myra and Bess thought that they would come to this restaurant next time when they were free, just for the delicious dishes and landlady's kindness.

"Myra! It is still early.

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her chance to refuse, "It's okay. If there are anything particularly important, you can call Yvonne or Ellen for

I'll go to work. "

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I will try my best to help. Don't worry! " Yvonne replied.

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last night. I'm afraid you have to go back with

Josef said, "Okay, I should have accompanied you last night. It's really hard for you.

tell them about your work! I won't bother you for too long. Call me

she thought to herself, 'You were so lucky, Myra. You still have the mood to travel in France after divorce. I really hoped you have a good

Secretary Wen, Josef dialed Ellen's

the divorce certificate yet? " Ellen

of the company's affairs. And you should also pay attention to those old

with Myra for a few days? We brothers can handle the things at home. But have you made

agreed, it's no problem. Just remember to call me two days after I arrive in France and what I told you

worry! It is not a big deal.

I'm doing. Call me if you need anything! " After saying that, Josef hung

at the beach, they strolled on the

already married. But this beach is still the same as before, and so is our

I don't get married, I'll be old. Look, you've become an old

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