My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 45 Darling! I Am So Happy (Part One)

It was almost four o'clock in the evening when they arrived at the villa in France.

Myra was clear now because she had slept a lot on the plane. But she still felt dizzy.

A Chinese woman came out of the villa and took the luggage from the car.

"Sir, miss! If you need anything, just tell me. I'm Betty. Your bedroom is upstairs. I've already packed up for you. I'll take you upstairs. " That woman was obviously easy-going.

"Honey! The room is beautiful. I don't feel different from at home. " Myra looked at the room and said happily.

"Sir! Miss! It's late at night. If you two don't want to eat anything, you can have a rest first! Call me if you need anything. " Said Betty.

"Okay! You can go to bed first! " Said Josef.

"Honey! This is the person you employed? She looks quite easy-going. "

"Of course she is, honey! Let's take a shower and have a rest first! It's not dawn yet. " Josef looked at his watch and said!

"Okay! I also feel a little tired. " Myra answered and went into the bathroom.

The bathroom was very good. When she just took off her clothes and was about to take a shower, Josef came in.

"Honey! I'm taking a shower. You can come in later! " Myra blushed and said uncomfortably.

"Honey! I'm also very tired! I just want to take a shower and go to bed early. It's faster to wash together. " As Josef said, he had taken off his clothes.

"Honey! How can you do that? " Myra's face was full of dissatisfaction.

"Okay, honey! I was wrong. I just saw that my dear was too tired, so I wanted to help you take a shower. " Said Josef innocently.

In the end, as what he said, he just sincerely helped her take a shower. After that, he helped her dry her hair and went to bed.

"Honey! It's easy to get sick if you don't dry your hair! I have told you many times. " Said Josef reproachfully.

fell asleep. Josef was so tired that

woke up, it was already nine o'clock in the

long time. Betty had prepared breakfast for them. Fortunately, they were all Chinese

"Honey! Let me take

would be great to have someone accompany

walked out of the villa,

Is this the seaside? Is our villa by the sea? " She asked in disbelief.

Didn't you look out of the window of our bedroom when you got up just now? It's

Can we still stay here tonight? I haven't enjoyed it yet. " Said Myra. "Silly girl! This is our villa. You can stay here as long

so much! It's true that people say, sunshine, beach, handsome men and beautiful women. " Myra

Enjoy it! And I, a handsome man, will accompany you. " Josef said

foreign beach.

her patiently. He fell in love with this lovely girl.

one in his heart. So as long as it could make her happy, he would

her to Paris, the romantic capital of France.

made her an eye-opener. It turned out that her husband was so capable.

She was snickering in

share it with me? " Josef

are you so good at French? I'm so envious of you! " Myra said

I was a child! Your husband knows a lot of

me." Myra answered

guess right, I'll tell you. "

You are so bad! " Myra said

others will laugh at you? Let's buy some

Myra said as she looked around! 'Wasn't he the handsome driver? Why

this, a cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

if he wanted to, he

a handsome man to be our driver? "

It's not surprising that there are so many of them in the street. " As Josef spoke, he continued

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