My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 980: Pitiable

Chapter 980: Pitiable

Camille hadn't responded yet when Rex emerged from the mansion. Even in casual attire, he exuded a natural air of elegance. His demeanor was friendly, and he wore a faint smile as he observed the two women engrossed in conversation. He didn't want to disturb them but had a task to fulfill.

He looked at both of them and said softly, "Isn't it tiring to chat like this? I'm thinking, why don't we just break down this wall and make it easier for you two to chat anytime?"

Sienna cast him a brief glance, clearly annoyed at his sudden appearance interrupting her chat with Camille. She replied coolly, "Thanks, but we'd prefer to maintain a bit of distance."

Rex could sense her irritation but still walked up to her, placing a hand on her waist, and then turned to Camille, saying, "Cami, see how mean she is to me normally?"

Camille, with a smile, responded, "Sorry, Mr. Ward, I didn't see or hear anything just now, so I don't know."

Rex sighed dramatically, "Cami, I thought you were the fairest and most just. Shouldn't you support justice over friendship?"

"Am I that kind of person?" Camille chuckled. "You shouldn't be fooled. I've always been biased towards my friend."

Sienna raised an eyebrow provocatively and said, "Stop trying to drive a wedge between us. Even if you talk until you're blue in the face, it won't affect our relationship."

Camille laughed and watched Sienna, who was clearly carefree and happy. Camille genuinely wished for Sienna to always remain this carefree. Sienna had repressed too much in the past, and while Camille didn't pry, she hoped Sienna could enjoy her life more, especially now that she was with Rex.

The three of them chatted in the garden for a while before dispersing. Although they hadn't mentioned Ayan explicitly, the conversation continually revolved around him.

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