My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 5 He will never love her

"I'll go over there now and have the caregiver stay with you first, huh?" Ayan's jaw is tense, his tone is always warm and light, but after listening to Eileen's words his eyes go deep into the ancient pool so that one cannot see the bottom.

His answer made Eileen happy: "Okay, I'll wait for you."

When the call ended, he raised his eyes towards the stairway, his eyes deepened, and instructed the maid to remind Camille to eat dinner, then he lifted his feet and walked outside.

The car's engine soon sounded, and Camille stood at the master bedroom window watching the black car fade away.

The white and soft face is flooded with cold indifference, the corners of the mouth overflowing with self-deprecating light smile, the mind is all the way to his worry about Eileen quickly away.

He really does love Eileen, so what else is she hoping for?


This night, Ayan did not go back to Hanyama Manson, no need to think, he must have stayed at the hospital with Eileen.

This is also more than a year of their marriage in addition to business trips for the first time he did not sleep at night, she did not text and call to bother him, she tried to be a dignified and generous, gentle and generous wife.

going to marry Ayan, Mrs. Armstrong, her own mother, had been telling her how to be a good

as she was told, but she couldn't understand why Ayan didn't have any feelings for her even



herself over and over again, "He

only fell asleep when the sky was white, and was awakened by the phone

up her phone and

voice a little muffled, "Is something

"Up and about?"


clothes that Eileen wears and send them to the hospital, she doesn't

questioning, however, has a declarative

her face pale and colorless from lack of sleep, and she froze for

"Well, you send it."

Miss Khan very well, and I'm an outsider by all accounts, and she would want me

it over as

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