My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 7 Checking in on Monday

She pursed her lips and smiled lightly: "Does my face matter that much? If Miss Khan really cared, why would she have called at that point? But since we've already called, there's no need to feel guilty and blame ourselves, besides, we've already signed the divorce papers and are nominally divorced."

Her tone was reticent, without the slightest hint of reluctance.

Looking at her reaction, Ayan deep eyes gradually sunk, this is obviously the result he wanted, but somehow, an inexplicable emotion crossed from the tip of the heart, although very light can not lift the slightest ripple, but it is impossible to ignore.

His eyebrows furrowed and his tone was tinged with displeasure, "Camille , if you're upset because I asked you to send clothes over, you can be mad at me, but Eileen is not well and she can't be sad and upset."

He loves Eileen and doesn't want to let her suffer a single bit of aggravation, so he can make her sad and uncomfortable.

Eileen saw the atmosphere is not good, quickly reached out and pulled Ayan: "Ayan, do not do this to Camille, it is my fault, I should not bother Camille."

She looked at Camille again and said sincerely from the bottom of her heart, "Camille, I'm really sorry for the trouble I caused you."

Camille's face is cold and unresponsive, and her eyes are cold.

Her silence caused Eileen's face to stiffen momentarily and pause.

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