My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 8 Marriage with life

Page heard, the face instantly light down, serious words: "Camille, I have said how many times, what can not be done secretly, you are not the former down country wild girl, you are a celebrity, is the Armstrong family Miss Camille, is Ayan's wife. "

Camille's eyes were downcast, her face was cool without too much emotion or ripples, she nodded and answered in a low voice, "Mom, I know."

Page's face eased up a bit and said lightly, "Come and sit down."

She walked over and sat down, her waist was straight, her sitting posture was civilized and elegant, and her bright and beautiful face was unforgettable no matter what kind of dress she wore.

That's the only thing Page is happy with.

Page's eyes also overflowed with a pale gentleness: "Why are you back at this time?"

"Mom, I'm divorcing Ayan."

Camille looked up and met Page's gaze with a determined look in her eyes, not flinching.

Page was shocked.

Grace was also surprised.

But soon Page reacted, frowning and questioning, "What did you say? You want to divorce Ayan?"

"Yes, we're getting a divorce, and we're going to do the paperwork on Monday."

"Camille, do you know what you're talking about? This is the marriage that Grandpa gave his life to get you, and you say you don't want it?"

Camille and Ayan's marriage is not a mere marriage of wealthy families, the old Simpson and the old Simpson is a close friend, years ago an accident the old Armstrong used one of his legs to save the old Simpson's life.

The old Simpson immediately proposed the idea of adding a son to a daughter, but it continued until Ayan had a son and a daughter in his generation.

not to Camille, but to Grace, the

seriously ill, it was the old Armstrong who insisted on bringing her back from the countryside

to have a boy, but after giving birth to Camille, her uterus was damaged

when she was ten years old and didn't return until she was married

over to Camille and asked, "Answer me? You're just having a temper tantrum,

and she said, "Ayan is going to marry Eileen, I've signed off on it, it's not


slap landed hard on Camille's

ears buzzed, and

stunned when he heard the

sternly said, "Get out, get out, the Armstrong family

and left with her feet up

to inform her husband that Ayan and Camille's marriage was not a matter between them, but between two families and two

that simple to get


villa, Camille stood by

her most is still the baby in her belly, and she is inwardly grateful that it was her face that was

being beaten


is no sadness at all, only silent

it was the first time Page hit her, she had long been accustomed to Page's attitude toward her due to

the wrist is exchanged for a divorce, she's willing

into her car with a sullen look on her face when she heard Grace's

didn't say anything, just gave her a faint

cherish him, why did you marry him in the first place? Do you know that the Armstrong family is not as good as it used to be these years? Dad is depending on the Simpson family to make Armstrong

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