My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 9 You can't be pregnant

Hanyama Manson.

Camille hadn't eaten much all day and had the kitchen cook a pasta dish when she got back.

Looking at the noodles with green vegetables and fried eggs, smelling what should be hungry, but she was suddenly gushing with a bout of retching, with an urge to vomit.

She thought she had just been hungry for too long and was just about to take it to her mouth when that intense feeling could no longer be controlled.

She rushed to the bathroom and kept dry heaving.

This feeling is very unpleasant, there is always a feeling that the internal organs are going to be pulled out.

It took a while to get comfortable, she stood up straight, but her eyes met a pair of deep, dark man's eyes.

Her eyes froze and she turned to look at the man in shock, "When did you come back?"

How are no sound of.

The man's face was warm and light, and his beady eyes were fixed on her, "What's wrong with you?"

panic, but her tone

"It's really okay?"

frowned and continued to

smiled, "Of course, what else

her eyes,

by Ayan, the pair of deep black eyes stared

long time, he said warmly, "Camille , you're not

said was, "You're

"You're not pregnant, are

one word difference, but

trembled lightly, and her heart

just dismissed the possibility of pregnancy without

a faint smile under her eyes, "If I were really pregnant, would you be willing to

can't be pregnant." His tone was very certain, and his deep eyes had a determined

fell into Camille's heart and became an indelible pain, so in his heart, he never thought there would be a

"Since you know in your heart, so what are you suspecting?

than that drunkenness, he doesn't even

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