My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 11 Wings hardened to turn over the sky

The end result will only be embarrassing alone.

Ayan also heard some inexplicable meaning in her words, as if she was talking about him, but also as if it had nothing to do with him, was he thinking too much?

Camille did not want to continue talking with him, she was afraid that she would not be able to control her emotions, since yesterday, she was constantly reminding herself, constantly telling herself: "Camille, do not hope for more, and do not continue, there is no result, he can not fall in love with you, all the efforts and efforts are invisible hope, maybe even make him I am bored."

She took a silent breath, her inner emotions smoothing out before she slowly returned to her normal self.


The two were driven to the Simpson's manson before nightfall.

The Simpson's manson is located in the mid-levels villa of Hance City, where the first generation of the Hance City gentry live.

Camille walked into the hall holding Ayan's hand, the old Simpson was already waiting, and when she saw Camille, her face immediately lit up with a kind smile: "Cami is back, come over and let me see if you've lost weight, how is Ayan treating you?"

Camille let go of the man's arm and walked quickly to the old Simpson, she rubbed the old Simpson's shoulders, playfully pampered: "Grandpa, I'm fine, you don't worry about me, I'm all fat now, still have to lose weight."

the old Simpson eyes glared, pretending to be serious: "Nonsense, where fat? You are not allowed to lose weight and not eat like others."

say. You take care of yourself, too, Grandpa,

since you came back to see

a month did not come back over, the old Simpson but also not really with her, is

make the old Simpson laugh with just

on the side, watched the scene, and his thin lips showed a shallow arc, she was coaxing people, coaxing the old Simpson to

understand why the old Simpson, who has been in the market for decades, is awe-inspiring in the face of all, but only to Camille's favor,

wonder what is

let Camille come back to keep you company, I don't think I need to come

Simpson then put away the smile, eyes unhappy glared at him, lightly


you just have hardened your wings and now you want to turn

as usual and quickly spoke out to ease the atmosphere: "Grandpa, anger can grow wrinkles, you ah can not be

just snicker at me, an


not manage well is not possible, you ah do not help him,

said anything,

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