My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 12 Must Leave

"You think I'm an old man meddling in your business?" the old Simpson had an angry face and raised his hand and slapped the table heavily.

Fletcher hurriedly said, "Ayan, how did you talk to Grandpa? Take those words back and tell Grandpa you're not getting a divorce."

Ayan's face was expressionless and silent.

Talia was also in a dilemma.

The old Simpson sneered: "Well, it seems that the Simpson family this is to turn the sky ah, even my words also do not listen to, if you have to leave can not then wait for me to die before leaving, as long as I live, that Eileen never want to step into my Simpson family door half step. "

The old Simpson was very emotional and immediately coughed heavily after finishing.

Camille rushed over to the old Simpson, she hurriedly picked up the warm water in front of her and handed it to her: "Grandpa you take it easy ......."

"Cami ah, I am sorry for your dead grandfather, if I had known he was such an ungrateful thing I would not have married you to him."

is also my intention, we have been together for a year without

Everyone was silent.

me, Ayan and I are separated peacefully, we just don't have the status of husband and wife in

looked grave, and his eyes

about, so for the time being can not promise you."

got up from his chair, Camille subconsciously reached out to help her, the old Simpson smiled lightly and looked at her, then left the restaurant

Fletcher followed with concern.

sit down and eat, grandpa won't

smiled, and her heart overflowed with guilt

Ayan's gloomy face, he must be very disappointed,

if Grandpa's side doesn't agree, he can't divorce and marry Eileen

She smiled bitterly inwardly.

that grandfather did not come out, Fletcher said that he

play, feelings can be cultivated over time, you do not want to let grandpa so old still worry about sad,

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