My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 16 Getting drunk and letting her pick up

Rex set the record straight.

And then said: "Even if your grandfather in pain she is just an outsider, maybe when grandfather personally make the decision to let her get married with Preston is not certain."

The more Rex talked about it, the stronger the image became.

Ayan's face was also instantly cold and low, the pair of deep black eyes as permeated with a thick layer of broken ice, he no longer continued this topic, reaching out to pick up the glass of wine in front of a drink and finished.


Camille tossed and turned and couldn't sleep, she felt like her heart was being torn by ants, the pain wasn't intense, but it was unbearable.

She decided to go to the Simpson's manson first thing in the morning to talk to her grandfather and end this tortured marriage as soon as possible.

She closed her eyes and prepared to force herself to sleep when her cell phone suddenly rang, and it was Ayan.

What else is he calling at this point?

She hesitated before picking up, "Hello?"

"Camille? It's Rex, Ayan is drunk at the Night's, come pick him up now."

"He's at the Night's?"

look of

the hospital

all, Eileen said she was already in the shower,

the thought of what might have happened between him and Eileen at the hospital, and her whole being

him off, I won't

, Ayan but your husband, and we are both too drunk to drive, of course, you can let him stay overnight at the Night's if you don't want to, anyway, there are many women who want to get close to him, who knows if


a position where she had no

regular private room at the Night's. She pushed the door open and walked in, and it was very quiet inside,

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whispered to him, "Ayan ..... Ayan ......

There was no response.

the hospital with Eileen? Why did you come

tolerant when it comes to people

help him up but it was too heavy and she was worried about the baby in her belly so she had to call

the car came to a steady stop before she got out and pulled

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