My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 19 You're scared of me kissing you?

He said, "If you promise, I'll let you go."

Camille purses her lips, a little reluctantly.

Ayan asked again, "Should I say yes? You know a man's reaction is greatest in the early morning."

What reaction she is not a child naturally understand.

Why is he like this? This is too much of a bummer, right?

Her cheeks were flushed, but he suddenly leaned down and kissed her directly. Camille reacted quickly and avoided it with a tilt of her head, saying in a rush, "I know."

"Know what, Camille , make that clear, huh?"

"I know your reminder, I promise you my word, now can you get out of the way?"

She answered eagerly, afraid that if she delayed a second she would be kissed by him.

This made Ayan frown a bit unpleasantly and asked lightly, "Are you afraid of me kissing you?"

not dare to reach out to

end, because Ayan's phone rang at that

Eileen was calling, so her expression immediately went

and got up from her,

hospital right away,


lifted the covers off the bed and told Camille, "Grandpa's in the hospital, let's go there

pale and rushed to get up and

serious, Camille is full of worry, the old Simpson to her best, not only love her, but also

light, Ayan also noticed her expression, he grabbed her hand and held

nodded gently, but the anxiety and worry in her heart was

they arrived at the hospital, the old Simpson was

is still in

seriously injured for the time being, as to when to wake up is not yet known, this time also because of emotional fluctuations too much caused by heart attack, from now on also need to stabilize emotions can

heart disease, high

doctor left and said in a low voice, "Ayan, come

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