My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 20 Grandfather hospitalized, postpone divorce

Talia just smiled lightly as she said, "Because you are the only one we recognize."

Although it's not coaxing her, Camille has a vague suspicion that there may be something between the Simpson and Eileen that Ayan doesn't know about.

Before she could think about it, Ayan and Fletcher came in.

Fletcher looked at Camille with a gentle and loving gaze, he said, "Cami, you have to go back to work, grandpa and I will be enough for your mother."

Camille wanted to stay, so she looked to Ayan.

Ayan's face was light and his tone was unemotional: "Let's go, Mom and Dad will be fine if they stay."

She couldn't insist any longer: "Then, mom and dad, thank you for your hard work, Ayan and I will come over again tonight."

"Good, good boy, go and get busy."

Talia smiles faintly.

walked in silence all the

at this time: "Camille, the divorce will be postponed for a while, until grandpa's condition is

Camille froze.

slightly, and her voice trailed

what I thought,

so good to me, I am willing to do anything for him, but it shouldn't be easy to explain your side to Miss

that distraction coming back, and he said faintly, "Camille, how many times do I have to say that this has nothing to

Camille pursed her lips.

How is that okay?

Eileen, and isn't that the most

he just doesn't want people to talk

sighed silently, her


she got out of the car, she hesitated to ask him about the company's alleged plagiarism,

she did not know how to

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