My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 21 Can you do me a favor?

"Okay, you watch the arrangements, what about the other company?" Camille Road

"Checked, Mr. Rogers, in the circle of poor reputation, the last few years of bad profits, the company laid off a lot of employees, and now the size is very small can barely make a living. "

She nodded her head.

Preston said again, "Should we confront them directly? "

"It's no use confronting at all at this time."

But it is useless to move forward.

An hour later, after the two carefully compared their color palettes and the two drafts of the copied and copied were posted on the forum, a small number of people who could read them expressed support, but most of them thought they were forcing a whitewash.

In the afternoon, the company side there are people over sneaky squatting, where anyone enters or goes out there will be people deliberately nothing to find trouble, the whole thing has been completely farcical.

Camille had to contact Mr. Rogers personally by phone.

She said, "Mr. Rogers, it's not easy for all of us to make a living, isn't it a little bit bad for you to do that?"

"I don't know what your words mean, you can't talk nonsense, I am entitled to sue you for false accusation." Mr. Rogers said in an unpleasant tone.

Camille had a headache and said, "Mr. Rogers, what proof do you have that our company is plagiarizing? You don't have any evidence, you just dump two pictures, that's the real false accusation, right?"

you not to speak so impulsively, you have the ability not to be afraid of others to engage you, if you are not convinced you can directly dump the evidence out to prove innocence, if not then hurry to apologize to quit the industry, otherwise the

Rogers hung up the phone, not giving Camille

Camille was furious.

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Fay is Preston's secretary.

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got up immediately, but Camille almost lost her footing because she got up so hard and so fast, but Preston was quick to hold her steady:

fine, let's

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