My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 23 Is it a quarrel looking for a quarrel?

"What do I understand?"

He asked in disbelief.

Camille pursed her lips and asked directly, "Where did you go tonight? Didn't you say you'd be back early to see Grandpa in the hospital together?"

"Something came up on the fly, and I've already told my mom."

"So, did you tell me?"

The man's brow knitted tighter as he felt more and more that Camille was a different person.

Each of her sentences carried an aggressive questioning.

It was very uncomfortable after seeing her warmth.

He said, "If you're like this because I didn't tell you, then this time it's an oversight on my part, no more next time, huh?"

Camille does not speak.

voice was very low: "What

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"I cheated on you?"

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