My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 27 Regret getting married?

Ayan now reacted, a raspy sound coming from between his throat bones, "Mmm."

He sat up straight and looked at Camille and asked softly, "I'm sorry, I suddenly had a heart attack and didn't stop the car in time to hit it.

Camille looked at him with a complicated expression, did he really hit the car because he didn't brake?

Not because of anything else?

Soon Camille stopped the idea from continuing. He didn't love her, so how could it be because of jealousy?

She said lightly, "I'm fine, what's wrong with your heart?"

"Nothing, probably because of the after-effects of high-intensity work without rest, I'll be fine after I take a break."

He seemed a little pale.

Camille said, "Then hurry up and go inside and rest."

"Can you help me?"

He asked in a low voice, his eyes looking at him with what seemed to be anticipation.

His gaze was so gentle that she couldn't say a word about it.

Camille froze, and before she could say anything, Preston came over: "Mr. Simpson, do you need help? Camille is not as strong as I am, so let me help you."

Four eyes look at each other, the two men's gaze with obscure depths, and neither has the intention of backing down from the other.

If the eyes could kill, I'm afraid the war would have already started at this moment.

Ayan didn't move, withdrew his eyes and said indifferently, "Mr. Walker has a heart, but I'm not used to any touching with strangers, so it's better to let my wife do it."

His dark eyes gazed at Camille : "Cami, help me up, so you don't have to bother Mr. Walker, what do you say?"

Camille looked at the man in front of her, and for a moment, she felt that there was something different about Ayan at the moment, something she had never seen before.

When she didn't say anything, Ayan said again, "Cami, it's already hard for Mr. Walker to drive you back, so I don't want to cause him any more trouble, right? Besides, we are a couple, I should thank Mr. Walker for taking care of you, how can I bother him?"

"Well, I'll help you." Camille pursed her lips and said faintly.

Then looked to Preston , and whispered, "Preston , you go back first."

Call me back if you have anything, and we'll talk about

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"Mr. Walker take care."

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be fine after I rest, will you take care of me?

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