My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 29 is not completely hopeless

Camille shook her head, "Mom, let's go eat, he's busy."

Her eyes followed with a flash of indifference.

How could he possibly accompany her to dinner? He only wanted to spend time with his sweetheart Eileen.

What's she worth?


Camille laughed inwardly with self-deprecation and sarcasm, she felt so humble for herself.

A man does not love, is that decisive.

Is it still necessary to insist?

The restaurant for dinner was booked by Talia.

A fine dining restaurant not far from the hospital, it has also been an established restaurant in Hance City for many years.

The two asked for an elegant seat and ordered three dishes and a soup.

It was the first time that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had dinner alone together, but there was no awkwardness or discomfort at all because Talia is a very gentle person and has something to talk about.

She asked Camille, "How's the company going? If you need resources, go directly to Ayan. If you can't talk to him, come to me and Dad.

Camille smiled and thanked, "Thanks mom, but it's okay now, I had trouble with Ayan the other day."

"Really?" Talia was a little surprised, Camille nodded her head yes, and Talia added, "It seems he's not completely hopeless."

Camille is slightly stunned, and Talia just smiles.

The meal was also served at this time.

The two ate their food and chatted, and the atmosphere was extraordinarily cordial.

The meal lasted more than an hour, with the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law grabbing the bill, which was eventually intercepted by Camille.

Camille said, "Mom, I'm the junior, so I'm the one who should pay for it, and I'll buy you dinner so I can continue to earn money.

be invited to dinner, and Talia

she also wants to

resist, but smiled: "Okay, my daughter-in-law treats, I will

and didn't say anything, because she didn't know if she would get this

Camille took Talia's hand and was about to walk out when a soft, sweet woman's voice

and Talia both heard whose voice it was, and both looked back

Four people just collided.

it was just expressionless without any emotion,

a little surprised, but he recovered in a moment and

here because you've

tone was not polite, and her gaze became

first, but Ayan was worried about my health, that's why I delayed until

hung her head, a word soft and soft voice, can not

did not give any face, just said lightly: "It is not necessary to go to the house, we the Simpson certainly do not want to meet everyone,

"Auntie I ......"

was a bit overwhelmed and subconsciously looked

doesn't give her the

very gentle, not an arrogant and domineering personality, but every word spoken

and still wants to be entangled, if this is really the case, then Miss Khan is also too unknowing, if this spreads out with Miss Khan's

know what to say, because Talia was really too harsh,

lips, pulled the corner of Ayan's coat with a resigned face, and said in

Talia with a frown: "Mom, can

Talia was really angry, and she pulled Camille to her feet: "Who is this? You

the whole time and was stunned by such

of hers be

his eyes were cold and colorless, I don't know if she thought too much, she always felt that his

blame for

for putting

any interaction or interactions, Talia said, "Ayan , you should not forget that Grandpa is still in the hospital, if you dare to do

know that she is not as gentle

through my question of

face was downcast and he didn't say

impossible to guess what

said softly, "Auntie, you do not force Ayan up, if you are angry because of my relationship, then I apologize to you, Auntie sorry

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