My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 32 Don't press like that

Ayan's gentle, handsome face is unfamiliar to Camille.

He said, "It's a temporary stay, and I'll move out when I have a suitable place to live."

"Ayan , you can fool me with this answer, but I don't believe that with your power you can't find a suitable place to live, or is Miss Khan's golden body so big Hance City only our wedding house is the most suitable for her?"

"Camille." Ayan's tone was low, and he said lightly, "Eileen was just hospitalized today, even if the arrangement is really not as comfortable as home, can you be more generous and not be so narrow-minded?"

"I'm narrow-minded?" Camille laughed coldly, it turns out that a person can be ruthless and crush people with words.

She sucked in a silent breath, her nose flushed with sourness, some emotions were on the verge of pouring out uncontrollably.

She said coldly, "Surprisingly, you think this place is suitable for her, then I move out, after all, sooner or later we have to vacate the place, it doesn't matter if it's a day early or late."

With that, Camille turns around and prepares to go upstairs to pack her things.

Eileen saw the situation and rushed forward to stop her: "Camille, can you not be angry with Ayan? I really don't want to bother you guys, I just have no place to go, and because of some things I have to do, Ayan is worried about my safety so he asked me to stay here temporarily, don't worry, I will move out as soon as I find a place to live."

"What does Miss Khan mean by that? Do you want me to welcome you as much as he does?"

"That's not what I meant."

Eileen looked aggrieved.

Camille just laughed lightly: "Then what do you mean? Aren't you satisfied that I'm making room for you now? Why don't Miss Khan teach me how you tell me how I should go?"

She didn't know Eileen or what kind of person Eileen was, but she knew one thing, even though the other person was already getting divorced, she wouldn't have checked in before it was over.

As women, why can't we give each other a touch of decency?

Camille's questioning made Eileen completely silent, but that pitiful face showed the best of pity.

Ayan tightened his eyebrows, his deep eyes looked at Camille, and his voice was low and deep: "Camille, I didn't want Eileen to live here all the time, even if we divorce, Hanyama Manson will still be yours, so can you stop pushing like this?"

Camille looked at the man incredulously.

They slept together for a year. As the saying goes, a day's love for a couple is a hundred days' love, but how come there is not only no half-hearted love for him, but only a merciless poke?

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