My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 36 Do you want to haunt and not let go?

He didn't even give Eileen a look and said in an indifferent tone, "No."

"But you're obviously not too happy about it."

She whispered.

Ayan eyes deep stare at her, a trace of distant coldness flashed in his eyes, making people look afraid to have any closer.

Eileen had a hint of trepidation and looked at him with a distinct flinch in her eyes.

But he finally just faintly said, "I have to travel to Flento City this afternoon, I can only come back two days later, if you have anything you can contact Zhao Xue, she will solve it for you, in addition, I am not in these two days you try to keep distance with Camille, eh?"

Xue Zhao is Ayan's female assistant.

Eileen froze.

But still, he nodded his head in a hurry, "Okay, I got it."

But she always felt that Ayan's last sentence had a deeper meaning, because of what Camille had said to her last night?

Eileen's heart was dark with speculation, but she did not dare to ask Ayan out loud.

Ayan didn't tell Camille about the trip, and Camille found out from Eileen after she returned to Hanyama Manson at night.

Her reaction also let Eileen know that she did not know, so Eileen instantly left Ayan's instructions behind, Eileen said: "Camille, Ayan already treats me like a wife, so his schedule will be directly with me and not you, if I were you, I would immediately divorce. "

Camille just glanced at Eileen with a cold face, not intending to speak to her.

But Eileen seized the opportunity to ask, "Camille, when are you and Ayan going to get a divorce? Hasn't Grandpa woken up? Do you want to hold on to Ayan and not let go?"

"If you want to know so much you can ask Ayan directly, as for when the divorce will happen, this is between him and me, Miss Khan what do you care?"

Camille didn't have any half-hearted emotions, after all, Ayan had said not to involve Eileen in what happened between them.

Eileen stared at Camille, and her emotions flared because of Camille's words, and she said, "Ayan doesn't love you at all, and he only married you because Grandpa forced him to, and if Grandpa hadn't forced me on him, you think you could have gotten married? You're taking over."

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