My Ex-husband Begs Me Back

Chapter 250: Hidden Dangers

“I don’t know.” Grandma shook her head without thinking twice.

Ayan volunteered to explain, “That’s alright. I just heard the name mentioned by Camille when she answered the phone. I was worried that she would get into some trouble but wouldn’t tell me, so I want to ask you. You know, if I force her, she would have a tantrum with me again. Please don’t let her now, otherwise she would be angry.”

He spoke in earnest and humble terms and grandma didn’t doubt him at all.”

Instead, she said, “Camille didn’t have many friends in Flento City and you have known the people who are acquainted with her. The Hunter you mentioned exactly is not among them. If you are worried, I’ll ask her when she comes over later.”

“Well, I’ll have someone look into him. Please act like you don’t know.”

“That’s alright.”

Grandma agreed.

He got no mews from grandma and looked exceedingly cold and grave.

He wondered if she was hiding it too well or there were any other reasons.

Rex called right after he left the hospital and asked him to have lunch together. They haven’t seen each other for a long time, so Ayan said yes.

He sent a message to Camille intentionally, “I will have lunch with Rex and other friends, would you like to come with me?”

Camille replied, “Well, you guys eat. I’ll have lunch with Sienna. In the afternoon, I have some work to deal with and later I have to go the hospital to visit grandma.”

“Well, how about having dinner together?”

“That’s alright.”

The conversation was simple, like a normal couple.

Ayan felt comfortable with this kind of parent-child reporting.

Camille made sure that Ayan had nothing to say before turning off her phone and put it down on the desk. She had just talked to Mr. Moss about the decoration. Nowadays, the decoration was set up officially. There were a lot of materials in the warehouse every day. Mr. Moss was worried that something may be wrong, and confirmed with her every batch of acceptance.

It was a big deal, so Camille couldn't be perfunctory. She had to check it carefully.

the afternoon, the office door was

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“How’re things going on?”

OK. Maybe the construction will start in the next few days. I went to the site with Grace today. The surrounding environment is very nice while

these things on budget? I recommend that we should be careful not to have any safety

thinking. If anything goes wrong in the future, not only will it hurt others but it

“Yeah.” Camille nodded approvingly.

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are many batches of materials coming into the warehouse these days. Each

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getting ready to finish. It will be more painstaking when the program of Armstrong Corp you’re in charge of

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idea what Camille was thinking certainly. He wanted to say something but stopped at a second thought. Finally, he said while looking at Camille, “Cami,

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Camille said, “Go ahead.”

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Walker family are old friends. My father mentioned that when Molly came back to Walker family. Then I know

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