My Lady Chef

Chapter 79: Beef Stew and Chicken Congee

Ezran's POV:

The mess hall inside the Guthrie Royal Palace was beginning to fill up with senior knights and officials.

Ever since we conquered this city. We all take our dinners together in this spacious area that received minimal damage during our siege.

I noticed with some irritation how one of Lady Lorax's man was waiting for me as I left my room for supper.

"Milord, Lady Lorax requests that you escort her to supper."

"I will do no such thing. She is here to give us supplies and return home where she would be safe."

"My Lady strongly wishes that you escort her, Your Grace. She has been supervising the food for tonight's dinner and desires your opinion on the food prepared."

I frowned and sent him away as I walked towards the mess hall where everyone was seated and waited to be served as they drank some ale and beer to fill their bellies.

As I took my seat, one of the soldier cooks who was fixing our meals came in looking harassed and stressed.

"Your Grace, I was sent by the Lady Lorax with a message. She is asking you to escort her to the mess hall or else she will withhold the meals from being served."

I frowned and noticed how my men and the senior knights seem to be getting drunken and unruly with every sip of alcohol so I walked towards the mess hall and stopped midway at what I just saw in the kitchen.

It was rather chaotic. The cacophony of noises and the tense air of cooks trying to complete dishes made me frown when I saw the dishes being placed on the plates.

My eyes saw fishes stewed in broth, succulent beef roast with mashed carrots and peas, baked fowl with mushrooms and potatoes as well as an assortment of bread, bowls of butter and honey being brought out towards the mess hall.

It was a veritable feast and I saw one chef amidst the soldier cooks barking out orders. This man must be a cook from the Lorax House as I have never seen him before.

Immediately, my arm was grabbed by someone and the smell of roses heralded just who it was.

"Did you like the magic my chef did for tonight's supper? Only the best food for you and your army, Milord."

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