My Lady Chef

Chapter 80: A Woman Scorned

Margaret's POV:

I had thought that being isolated in this wretched war campaign would make the duke eager for my company.

Employing my best chef and procuring the most high quality ingredients, I infiltrated his camp under the guise of donating food for his army.

I have never done this for any of the lords vying for my attention but what do I get after all my hard work?

Ezran reprimanded me and coldly turned away from the sumptuous feast my chef prepared for him.

Only for me to see him outside the open field where the soup kitchen was erected by that...that woman's so called protege!

He even seems to be enjoying that bloody stew and soup as he smiled and spooned the last bit of food into his mouth before he went to the mess hall.

I glared at this Elena girl. She upstaged me with such paltry offerings?! She should learn her place.

After making sure that the duke was busy, I asked a few men I have already charmed and whispered a few words to them.

A few coins were exchanged and I smirked as I went back to the banquet where the nobles and senior knights were enjoying themselves with the food.

My eyes sought out Duke Ezran as I purposely sat on the empty seat beside him, which made everyone stare at their lord.

A moment of silence and I smiled, thinking that he must have accepted my move but he stood up and bid everyone a good evening meal as he decided to retire.

My hands trembled with resentment as I followed him shamelessly till we were alone in the corridor.

"Duke Ezran, will you ignore me again? Even amongst the nobility, your manners should at least acknowledge a lady when she calls out for you." I cried out to him and he stopped.

"Lady Lorax. Why are you really here?" He asked as he looked at me with the same cold gaze.

He used to be so accomodating and sauve, sweeping me off for a quick tryst and stolen kisses whenever we met.


I refuse to believe that our time together was

far just to be with you. Lord Ezran, you must feel frustrated after such a long day. Allow me to comfort

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his hand slap

seem to summon enough air as he leaned down

approach me, you will stop breathing all together. " His red eyes blazed with such cold fire as I felt my breathing becoming even more labored as a

is the rumored power of darkness he was so famous for in the battle

Such power....

again. I fell on my knees as I

Lorax. Pack your

noisily down the hallway as my love and desire slowly

ever treated me

got up and raced towards my room and screamed for someone to help me

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am sure this will also make that upstart duchess guilty


Ely's POV:

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question the knight who suddenly commanded me and Lorelei

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But what?

asked you to pick a basketfull of them for breakfast." He pointed to a few men waiting by the gate. "He even provided protection for you. The berry bushes are not

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told her to finish the rest of the clean up while

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