Looking at Tammy who opened the door for her, Florence knew that Tammy must have got permission from Stanford and then get the key.

Without a pause, Florence rushed out in a hurry.

She wanted to find Ernest to see him as soon as possible.

When she rushed to the living room in front, she was stopped by Stanford.

Her brother's tall and strong figure blocked her way like a mountain. “Where are you going?”

“I was locked up for a whole afternoon. I want to have a walk,” Florence made an excuse at random as perfunctory to him. She was quite upset that Stanford had locked her up, so she didn’t show any friendliness to him.

Noticing that Florence disliked him, Stanford felt that his heart was tightened, a bit upset.

It seemed that he had offended his younger sister.

Immediately, his tone became more tender and he said like coaxing her, “Flory, I didn’t mean to lock you up. Please don’t be so mad at me.”

Florence pressed her lips and didn’t speak.

She wasn’t pissed. She just wasn’t happy or in the mood to talk to him.

Stanford was a bit helpless. He continued, “Dinner is ready. Let’s have dinner first. Dad and Mom are waiting for you.”

Florence wasn’t in the mood to have dinner at all. Besides, Stanford didn’t agree that she could go out. She couldn’t help being anxious.

Shaking her head, she said, “I’m not hungry yet. Please go ahead with your dinner. I want to have a walk outside.”

After finishing her words, Florence bypassed Stanford and wanted to go out.

Stanford, however, acted faster. He grabbed her wrist to stop her.

“Flory, you should have dinner even if you are not hungry. Health always comes first. By the way, we have a guest today. As the hostess, you should meet him as well.”

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