My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 399: Too Embarrassing

In an instant, Ernest couldn’t restrain himself any longer.

However, right then...

“Knock. Knock. Knock.”

There were some knocks on the door as if there was thunder rumbling in the bedroom, breaking the romantic atmosphere.

Both Ernest and Florence stiffed. The former’s face was darkened.

Florence immediately sobered up from her dizziness. Noticing their postures now, she felt so ashamed that she wanted to hide in a hole in the ground.

Anxiously, she pushed him away.

Off guard, Ernest fell on the other side of the bed. His face was more darkened.

Gazing at Florence deeply, he had the unsatisfied flames of the desires in his eyes as if he wanted to burn down this whole room.

Florence was shy, annoyed, and guilty. She said in a weak tone, “Someone is at the door.”

Ernest supported himself on an arm, the tall and strong figure of his approaching her closer.

He said in a deep voice, “Drive the person away.”

The person at the door seemed to run out of patience. There were a few knocks again.

At the same time, they heard Stanford’s voice. “Flory, what are you doing?”

“Yes? I’m in the room,” Florence immediately answered, her voice trembling.

Immediately, Stanford asked again, “What happened? You don’t sound right.”

As he spoke, they heard him twist the doorknob.

It turned out that he wanted to enter.

would see Ernest and her on

blurted out, “Stop coming in!

as she finished yelling, the door that was cracked a bit was

on your clothes. I’ll enter afterward. I want to

head, and looked

her forehead.

wants to come

between them and their naked bodies, Florence blushed deeply. She felt

He found it so hard to endure

standing at the door and didn’t seem

a deep breath, he tried his best to

over to the other side

“I’m leaving now.”

Ernest picked up their clothes from the floor. Tossing hers to Florence, he started to put on his

couldn’t help but looked Ernest who

flab, and even just his

cheek burn more

his shirt and trousers, Ernest picked up his jacket. Suddenly, he turned around and looked

“You are gazing at me in this way. Do you want to

retorted shyly. How could

who are you talking

voice sounded out

just now so she forgot to lower her voice.

panic, she answered,

be alright if she didn’t answer. However, as soon as

said directly, “You’ll only have three seconds. I’ll enter

Three seconds?

Only three seconds, which were even not enough for Ernest to

was in her room, he would explode and dislike Ernest

would be so embarrassing as

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