My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 400: An Appointment for Having Sex Nest Time

As soon as Stanford approached, Florence felt more nervous.

Right then, Ernest was under her quilt. His figure was so big, and he couldn’t be covered completely. If Stanford got closer, he would find the abnormality pretty easily.

In a panic, Florence shook her head to dodge Stanford’s reached-out hand.

“I might be on fever.”

As she spoke, Florence put her hand on her forehead and pretended to be haggard. “It’s a little hot. I want to nap for a moment.”

“You are on fever. You must see the doctor.”

Stanford frowned, looking at Florence’s naked arms in dissatisfaction.

It was getting colder but she didn’t put on enough clothes. No wonder she got a cold.

“Get up. Let me take you to see a doctor.”

As he spoke, Stanford strode over to her closet, found her a long-sleeved blouse and trousers, and put them on her bed.

Florence was taken aback for a moment. It wouldn’t take her much longer time to put on the clothes. Stanford would be waiting for her outside the room. Since he was so alerted, once Ernest climbed out, he would hear the sound and found Ernest.

She couldn’t take the risk, so she wanted to send Stanford away immediately.

“Stanford, I don’t want to see the doctor. I’m not feeling well. I’m so weakened. I just want to take a nap.”

Florence looked at Stanford pitifully. Her eyes were half squinted, looking as if she were so sleepy.

Stanford frowned more deeply.

After thinking for a few seconds, he said solemnly, “You must see the doctor, or your sickness will get worse. You can take a nap after seeing the doctor. Well, I’ll ask the doctor to come over.”

Florence hadn’t expected that Stanford wouldn’t only leave her room after she pretended so but also call another person to come over.

If the doctor came over, Ernest would be definitely found in her quilt.

Florence’s face became as reddish as an apple. She became extremely anxious.

do? What should she

an excuse to lie to Stanford and ask him not to call over the doctor. Right then, the warm palms under her quilt suddenly pressed on her waist. Florence was so freaked out that she immediately swallowed back the words at the tip

Florence, Ernest waved her hands on

immediately understood what Ernest meant - he asked her not to stop

if the doctor truly came over, how could Ernest

better way. By instinct, she trusted Ernest, so she could only nod

your clothes. I’ll call the doctor. He should

out of her room, pulled out his cell phone, and started to call the

he stepped out, Stanford let out a

in surprise and couldn’t believe

He wondered what happened.

pretty strong. However,

wrong, Stanford squinted

was with a ruby face, frowning. He said, “I don’t have a signal here. I’ll

his words, Stanford immediately

receding figure, Florence gaped. She

come he left

That was great!

in excitement. “My brother is gone. Hurry

herself under the quilt.

even let out

her scream sounded, Ernest sealed her lips with his thin lips, making

body on

him. She blushed, and her heart

brother had just gone, Ernest kissed her

it... Please don’t. We don’t have enough time...” Florence said in a

against Ernest’s shoulders

gazed at her with his flaming eyes, a touch of

now. How about

Next time?

the appointment for having sex with her next

had never known that Ernest could be

pushed him away. “Hurry up and

so. It would at least take him twenty minutes before coming back,”

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