My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 410: Biggest Estrangement

It was a confidential and exclusive web page, on which Ernest’s daily schedule was updated. It was quite detailed, from the morning to the evening, everything including work and meals was well arranged.

It turned out that Ernest was pretty busy every day.

However, he didn’t have any arrangement at night, just coming over to her.

Florence was quite moved. Looking at the sleeping man, her gaze became more gentle.

On this web page, she couldn’t see only Ernest’s schedule today, but also in the previous days. Since Ernest was her boyfriend, Florence was quite curious about him. She checked his schedule in the previous days patiently.

After reading through them, she became more surprised and shocked.

It wasn’t until now did she find that Ernest had just gone back to the Turner family not long ago. While he was dealing with the extremely complicated tasks assigned by the Turner family, he didn’t give up on looking for her.

She found that he had even stayed up for five nights in a row.

Florence’s eyes were reddened. She felt so sorry for Ernest who had suffered a lot in the past months. If it weren’t for her, he didn’t have to go back to the Turner family and put himself in danger.

She decided to take good care of him from now on.

As she was thinking, Florence checked his schedules earlier. She knew most of them when he was in City N.

While reading them, Florence couldn’t help but recall their days when they were in City N.

This schedule was like a diary, recording what had happened between Ernest and her before.

They had happy times as well as disappointments.

Fortunately, they were still together and not apart.

Florence was reading through them one page after another, which took her a long time. She noticed it was getting late, so she was about to wake Ernest up. When she was about to lock the screen, she saw a familiar hotel name on his schedule unexpectedly.

It was his check-in record in Emgrand Hotel.

The date and time was the nightmare-liked evening when she was framed and raped.

Florence gaped at the record on the cell phone screen, her mind becoming blank. She was so shocked that she couldn’t utter any word.

She wondered why Ernest would be in Emgrand Hotel that night. She wondered if he...

“What are you reading?”

was heard beside her, making Florence’s hand tremble in fear. The cell

content on the

read the content clearly, his eye pupils shrank suddenly. His

expect that Florence would find the truth of this matter at this


a few words in a hoarse

up by something, and

evening, he indeed had hurt her, causing her indelible painful

could even remember that she had said how much she hated the man that night and was unwilling to

at Ernest, her eyes twinkling with

a few words in a slightly trembled voice, “Were you the

still refused

Ernest was that man who raped her so

him about that evening, asking him to

in his

now, but he was

squeezed a hum

answer, Florence felt that he had thrown a punch on her head. Her

out to be him

fear, and her panic were all caused by

reddened all of a sudden,

crying, he felt a sharp pang in his heart as well as the

he raised his hand to wipe off her tears. As soon as he touched her, he felt that

Ernest stopped his movement.

stared at



him with tearful eyes, “Why didn’t you

pressed his thin lips, frowning

you hate that

Florence was taken aback.

she asked Ernest for help, he got to know what had happened that

know it was

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