Unexpectedly, as soon as she stepped on it, Florence slipped over. She couldn’t help but fell down inside the wall.

And the rope that she was grabbing became wet and slippery in the rain. It rubbed through her palms without slowing her down, but instead, it rubbed her palms out of the blood.


With a loud noise, Florence fell from the three-meter wall.

“Little Miss!” Tammy screamed in fear.

She rushed over immediately and was about to help Florence up. However, she saw a pool of blood from Florence’s body fainting in the rain, so horrible.

Tammy almost burst into tears. “Little Miss, are you OK? Did you get injured? Boohoo...”

“I’m not dying,” Florence raised her head in difficulty and answered, grinning in pain.

There were a few cuts from the branches of the flowers on her face. She felt a lot of pains all over her body, wondering how many wounds she got and how serious they were.

With the sharp pains, she also felt helpless and disappointed.

In her current status, she was certain that she couldn’t sneak out at all. Should she give up like this?

Florence was quite reluctant.

“Little Miss, please give up the idea of sneaking out. Let me help you up. We need to see a doctor!” said Tammy in a panic. Reaching out her trembling hands, she was about to help Florence up.

Florence’s eyes twinkled. Suppressing the pains in her body, she asked, “How serious is my injury?”

Tammy gritting her teeth and answered between sobs, “You look seriously injured.”

“Then we just need some advanced medical equipment, right? Can you send me to the hospital for the treatment?” Florence said with her brightly lit-up eyes. It seemed to her that it was more important for her to escape from here than the wounds on her body.

Tammy looked bitter. She didn’t have the heart to give Florence a blow.

She believed that Florence had forgotten they had Collin, the legend in the medical field, in the villa. Why would they send her to an external hospital?

“Well, Little Miss...”

Before Tammy could finish her words, they heard a man’s snap.

are you? What are

a few bodyguards in

spread out and instantly surrounded Florence and

face became pale in an

meant that she didn’t have

were found, she couldn’t drag Tammy

“We’re just...”

Miss. She got injured. Please help us! Call the doctor!” Tammy interrupted

without thinking about what she would

Florence’s face in the downpour

seeing the blood all over her

of bodyguards became panicked instantly. Some came over to help her up, some opened an umbrella above

a stir in the whole

Florence got injured.

but was found. She was afraid

hearing the report, Alexander and Victoria rushed over. The latter’s eyes became reddened as soon as she saw her daughter on

the bed, she said between sobs,

was full of

dealt with and bandaged. Now she calmed down

a sense of guilt, she said stubbornly, “Mom, it

Victoria’s tears that she

edge of the bed, she grabbed Florence’s

you be so silly? It rained so heavily and you wanted to climb over the wall. Do you want to see Ernest Hawkins so

do want to see him a

determined without

her pretty brows deeply, increasing the strength

Florence with a

any longer. But you won’t have any chance to meet or get together with Ernest

same as Stanford’s words

want to be with Ernest. You’ve all misunderstood

be leaving here pretty soon,” Victoria stated

Florence exclaimed anxiously, “Mom!”|

Florence’s hand tightly, her

at me, I won’t change my mind on this matter. I will never allow others to

injuries, Victoria felt so sorry for her daughter and

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