My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 418: Are You Injured?


In the office, the chair was kicked to fall on the ground, cracking into halves.

Stanford looked extremely annoyed and furious. He roared fiercely, “Come again? What happened to Flory?”

The secretary stiffed, standing there in a panic.

He repeated in a weak tone, “Little Miss wanted to sneak out by climbing the wall, but she carelessly fell. She got multiple wounds on her because of the fall.”

“Bang!” Stanford gave another kick, and the desk in front of him cracked immediately.

He was burning in rages, squeezing words between his teeth, “It was because of Ernest again. He should go to hell!”

The secretary stiffed again, sensing the murderous air running through the office in fear.

He said in a panic, “Young Master, you’ve promised Little Miss that you won’t hurt Ernest Hawkins.”

That was just before Flory was injured because of him. My Flory is lying on the bed with wounds now. Why should he be worry-free without having any loss?”

Looking extremely furious, Stanford strode out of the office.

At the same time, he ordered, “Call our men to gather in front of the Cindery Hotel.”

Cold sweat dripped from the secretary’s forehead. “Young Master, please think twice...”

Ignoring his words completely, Stanford rushed out of his office at a fast pace.

After Florence’s parents left the room, silence blanketed her room soon.

Subconsciously, she fumbled for her cell phone.

Right then, Tammy walked in from the door. She rushed over and stopped Florence in a hurry.

She said with concern, “Little Miss, you have so many wounds on your body. Stop moving around, please.”

Florence frowned. “My hand can move. Where is my phone?”

“Little Miss, the doctor said you should sleep to rest.”

“Let me check my phone first.”

Florence was quite stubborn, so Tammy couldn’t do anything. She had to take out the phone from a secret corner of the room.

it to Florence. “It got wet in the rain. I simply

“Thank you, Tammy.”

smiled gratefully at Tammy and turned

checking the message log, she didn’t find any new

reply to her last message at

disappointed and more worried. If not mistaken, Ernest must have encountered

was making

However, in her current situation, she could only lie on the bed,


could she do to

annoyed. Being sleepless, she was lying

a long while, suddenly, she heard

It was still the daytime. It shouldn’t be a call from

confusion, she picked up the phone. When she found it was Ernest’s

out to be a video call from

She had never expected that Ernest would invite her to have a

about to tab on the accept button, she

answered the

handsome face appeared on the screen. Frowning deeply, he looked

a bad

asked in worry, “What

deeply, faint fury appearing on his good-looking

asked in a deep


he got to know

she tried hard to be calm. She said with a smile, “No, I haven’t. Why did you suddenly ask? I’m pretty

your hair behind your ears,” Ernest

used to hide her wounds. If Florence tossed it back, Ernest would

a haircut with a few hairs beside my cheeks. In this way, my face would look


“You’ve got injured but you’re not planning

her instead

she understood that

at him cowardly,

since she got injured, and it happened in the Fraser family. Ernest was outside. She wondered if he had any spy in

villa were all internal members

Instead of answering Florence, he gazed at her and whispered to ask,

shook her head. “Not at all.

me,” Ernest requested because

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