My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 419: Let Me Warm You up

Ernest frowned more deeply. “You got injured because of climbing the wall, didn’t you?”

Florence’s face changed between pale and red. She nodded in embarrassment.

“Florence Fraser, did you have a death wish?”

Suddenly, Ernest raised his voice, sounding so furious.

No wonder she would be injured so seriously. It rained so heavily outside and the wall was so high. He didn’t expect that she had the balls to climb the wall.

Florence lowered her head like a kid who had made a mistake.

She whispered, “I was well-prepared. I just didn’t expect that the wall was so slippery. Otherwise, I wouldn’t fall...”

Florence lowered her voice gradually when speaking. Looking at Ernest’s eyes full of blames, she couldn’t utter any sound.

She had planned to sneak out even if she would get hurt, so she didn’t think about the consequences clearly at all.

Ernest gazed at her deeply. The waves of anger kept surging in his chest. Pressing his thin lips, he raised his hand and hung up the video call.

The call was cut off so suddenly. Florence stared at the call duration time, her heart sinking.

She wondered if he was angry.

Feeling wronged, she turned around and looked at the downpour outside the window, her eyes sore.

She didn’t purposely get injured...

It was because she longed for seeing him so much.

“Little Miss, what’s wrong? Do those wounds hurt too much?”

As soon as Tammy entered from the door, she saw Florence almost burst into tears, so she rushed over to the bed.

Florence looked at Tammy, shaking her head.

“Nah. I’m just upset.”

As she spoke, Florence noticed the door was open. She looked a bit nervous when thinking about something.

Just now, Ernest seemed to be angry, so he hung up the call. She wondered if he would come here again. However, if he would show up suddenly later, the door shouldn’t be opened.

“Tammy, could you please watch the door for me outside? Don’t let anyone come into my room unless I call you.”

Florence added, “Including

to escape again, don’t you? You can’t do it.

worried about her, Florence felt warm in her

help her a

over later. Please watch the door for me,

Tammy understood.

relieved. Turning to look at the downpour outside the window, she said, “Mr. Hawkins truly cares about

escape in such a downpour. Tammy believed that

at the rain outside the

come over. He must be

was such a picky and tough man. If he were angry, Florence didn’t know

out, Florence lay on the

rain continued without any

expect him to appear either.

“Tat. Tat. Tat.”

of raindrops falling on

held her breath. She looked out of the window nervously, only to find

she couldn’t see his face clearly, but she

figure with the raincoat approached her window. Then he opened the unlocked

air came in, making Florence

face. However, it was wet by the rain.

single raindrop on him would make

was tightened. She said with

his thin lips and climbed in through the window. Then he closed it

soon as he got into the room, he took off the raincoat. There was a flood of

the raincoat were darkened as well. Obviously,

a cold. She sat up on the bed

you a bathrobe. You should change

man strode over to her, pressing her shoulders, and making her

and aggressively, and Florence was unable to resist

how icy cold his palms

stood on step away from the bed, looking down

said like

his annoyed face, and she didn’t have

looked at him obediently. “Okay. I won’t move. You can get


and sat down

reached out to

at him in confusion. “What are you

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