My Personal Lycan King

Chapter-26 Dancing the night away, amidst the creep



I was pissed, and I want to murder someone right now. And I was not saying it in a joking causal manner, but I meant every single syllable of my above statement. 


I was afraid that if I sit here for some more time, then I would do something disastrous that none of us would like.


Currently, I was sitting on the couch, with Alexander on my left and Daniel on my right. But that wasn't something I was pissed about.


I was pissed at how Laila was sitting on the left side of Alexander. The girl was sitting on the arm of the couch while leaning on Alexander for support. If you look carefully then she was practically half sitting on him.


I mean, this couch is made for three people to sit at maximum, can't you see that? There is an empty chair over there if you want to sit. Or at least just say, that you want to sit here so that one of us can go and sit over there.


And the way she was moving her hairs from her left shoulder to right and then back to left with her head tilted towards Alexander while looking at him, was soo irritating and annoying. 


I mean, was it a way of seduction or something? Because from what I can depict it looked more like she was having some itching problems on her back.


Sighing loudly I leaned back in my seat before looking at Alexander annoyingly. 


First, this guy didn't let me enjoy the night because he thought it was a nice idea to become super protective as Victoria is the only girl in the club that all boys are gonna think about banging, even when there are other hotties like Katie, Tina, Angela and I don't want to say but Laila too.


And second, after acting like a possessive freak, he wasn't even looking at me or talking to me since the moment the group entered, or should I specifically say Laila entered the room.


puffing out my cheeks in annoyance


Daniel commented from beside me, as he leaned towards me to


here to talk? I thought we go clubbing to enjoy and dance while


no one is dancing and enjoying with


the honor of dancing with you, to this subordinate,


made me giggled as he mimicked the thick


enjoy the wild night," I said before we both erupted into


he wasn't joking about the dancing part, he was serious about it. The next moment, before I could even stop my laughter, he took my hand and pulled me out of the booth from


shouted over the music, meaning for Daniel


suddenly felt shy. I was about to stand back straight as

Daniel said


to dance like no one was watching me as I have never danced before like there was no one who would judge me on I was moving laughing or smiling, or there was nothing wrong


background and I couldn't help but close my eyes at the lyrics as they started sinking in my mind


the sky,

eyes on me,

down" I started to sing along with the song, as I motioned my hands


was such a good feeling, I know the imaginary world of happiness that I have created, would remain intact only till my eyes were closed and thus, I didn't want to open my


beats, I was feeling a weird creep in my bones, making


almost no presence of Carla since I entered the dance floor was creeping me out, because I don't want to admit it, but I am used


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