My Personal Lycan King

Chapter-27 The old creepy psychotic woman!



"What the hell Alexander?" I asked angrily. 


I was done with his attitude towards me and I meant it.

I was done with him acting so on and off with me like he was some girl on his monthly days.



"What the hell is my problem? What's your problem Victoria?! First with bartender then with Daniel and now on the dance floor? Did you even see, how you were dancing like a drunk girl? Were you trying to seduce someone? And if yes, then congratulations, miss Victoria almost all guys were looking at you like some hungry meat." Alexander said angrily as he punched the wall behind me.


What?! The nerve of the guy! 


I will definitely die someday because of how infuriating he is! He dares to accuse me of dancing and enjoying when he himself was flirting like there was no tomorrow.


"Oh? Now you've got a problem with me talking with Daniel too? If you have forgotten then let me remind you, that Daniel was the first friend, I made when I moved here and it's all because of him, we are even talking in the first place.


And about that dancing part, for your kind information, they were looking at me in appreciation and were even dancing along with me. 

They were enjoying the songs just like I was, but who am I talking to? Of course, you didn't see all that since you were busy with your girl, right? Was the flirting good? Did you get some good action? Eh?" I asked getting equally angry.


Rolling my eyes at him, I pushed him out of my way, so that I could go out of the club. I can go back on my own, I don't want the girls to leave the club just because I wanted to go home. I think coming here was a mistake.


"My girl? What girl? What flirting? And why are you acting angry? If you don't know, I am trying to protect you here. Don't you see that?" Alexander asked as he pushed me back under him on the wall, his eyes turning a shade lighter from his usual hazel eyes.


of showing him my powers and scare him


person who is not clear about his own actions protecting me. One moment you act like I am your only priority and the next moment when some other girl comes you act like I don't


protection. I've been doing fine alone for more than


seen a girl dumber than you! Don't you see it, why am I so protective of you?" Alexander asked as


dumb girl?'


Carla commented from somewhere in my mind, however before I could


looked back at


to because expectations only hurt me.' I told myself, before


was on one thing. I wanted, no,


me now as my body was becoming


powers can make their


the very next moment, I saw the fire extinguisher behind Alexander


I didn't


my fists so that, no energy is released anymore, however, what I didn't know


am not interrupting something." I heard the voice of an old woman from somewhere near us, and Alexander immediately stood straight after hearing that


He asked shocked as he looked at the old lady, who I don't know has somehow appeared on our left side. How? I myself


asked as he shifted his stance became more dominant and



was confusing me, but what was confusing me more was why this lady had been looking at me since the moment she


thought as I involuntarily


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