My Personal Lycan King

Chapter-31 I am pissed at my mate Victoria



To say I was pissed today, would be an understatement. 


Currently, I was sitting in this booth talking with my friends about the pack matters, which I am sure Victoria wasn't able to understand, by the look of her cute squinting face that she was scrunching from time to time as she sipped on some cola that Daniel had offered her.


Everything started good, with me flirting with Victoria in her house and would've even got a chance to hug her or maybe 'accidentally' kiss her? But everything got spoiled because my wolf couldn't take it, that we were trying to trick our mate.


All romantic scenes watched in movies on how to pursue your girl and make her heart flutter went to waste.


He wanted to come clean and don't want to do anything until I tell her everything.

I just don't understand what does he expects from our human mate.


I mean, does he think that I'll go tell a human girl that, 


'Hey! You are my soulmate, and we are meant to be together. And to add to that, I am a werewolf, you know, the supernatural who can turn into a wolf on a full moon? Well, I can turn anytime, and yeah one more thing, I am the alpha king, so will you be my queen?' 


Like seriously?


I am sure the girl would just slap me and run miles away from me thinking I am some kind of freak. 


It's not like I am not trying. I am trying my best to fill her heart with love so that things will become a bit easy-peasy for me. But, no! Even our mate is not helping me in that.


I don't know what goes in that cute little head of hers that whenever I try to show my concern, she just takes it as a sympathetic gesture. 


I mean, girl I freaking love you? And you are calling that pity? Though I can't blame her too much for it either, she has gone through a lot. 

At least she loves hunter, or thunder as she calls him.

and it


can kiss her makes me jealous of him. And she is not any less, she


lovesick puppy who is on his


back to the point, I was pissed because my mate wasn't making things


at the club today!' I yelled in my mind trying to


comes to clubbing. Get over it, jealous freak.' My wolf hunter chuckled, making me more frustrated


course, he would say that. He gets his token of love every day, the problem is


and have my way with her then and there. I so wanted to mark her mine, to tell the whole world that she was mine.' I groaned before putting up my mental barrier


even talk with that bartender who was looking at her with a lust-filled gaze. It was as


and understood she was off limit, the moment he looked in my


I was pulling her away

was to devour those lips and punish her for her little mischief, but no! That also has to be ruined with my group that entered


I mentioned Daniel? He is always hovering around my mate like he is her mate or


day that she was his mate, I don't know what goes in that

Oh my god! My alpha-beta is in love with my mate!! Does that need a council to be



a serious


I back on the couch sitting like an angry king that I was because I wasn't able to spend some alone time with my mate which


in name of giving the space to everyone to sit as Laila was practically sitting on me that I didn't like a bit, but she couldn't sit there along with Aiden


I could say anything I was shocked when the




talking about those wolves who had been seen from time to time


that matter right now. It's not like I want her to always stay in front of me, well it's like that, but, right now I was feeling anxious because I had been feeling this strange premonition that someone was watching us from the moment I entered the club


everyone's mood, though I had


exited the booth and looked towards the dance floor to look for her, however, the sight that greeted me was something I wasn't expecting


with her eyes closed and almost everyone on the dance floor was looking at

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