My Personal Lycan King

Chapter-32 She can't reject me!


No wonder I had been feeling that someone was watching over me or following us.te moment I entered the club. It turns out it was this witch's doing.

Noticing her creepy gaze at my mate, I asked her what was she doing here, coming and meeting the alpha king uninformed, through my mind link to which she replied smilingly,

"Oh, I am here because I came to know, a very powerful person who shouldn't have been born in the first place was here. I came to pay my respects and check if that person is not having any troubles."

Did I mention she didn't even look at me while replying to me? Is she disrespecting the future alpha king because I am not throned yet?

Moreover, her constant gaze on my mate was making me uneasy now, and what this powerful, should not be born person is all about? Is there something I should be worried about? 

Before I could ask her what she was talking about and should speak clearly rather than coherently puzzling me, I felt my whole body going numb and I fell into a dazed state. 

If it would've been any other normal supernatural, they wouldn't have understood what happened in these few seconds, but being the alpha king, I knew what had happened.

The witch had put me in a dazed state by surrounding my body with her hazy effect and plummeting her unconscious vibes in my body.

Since my body was strong enough, they didn't make me unconscious but it didn't mean I didn't felt dazed for a few seconds.

The nerve of this woman!!

I tried to look past the hazy cloud towards my mate, however, couldn't see anything until I heard a shrill scream.

scream belonged

the hunter immediately started panicking. I was standing there dazed because of the respect for the elder witch, but now

the hunter to take over

was not more than of few seconds, it still unnerved

dull and

blood boil, to see my mate in such a state. This witch must have said something to her to ruin her

hell did you say to my mate!? Now you are daring enough to play with the mate of the alpha king? Do you want to die?!" I asked Azrael through my mind link, to which she only smiled before shaking her head to tell that she didn't

before going towards the exit of the club. I turned around to follow her, because I knew she needed me right now even if she

like her, don't you?" She asked me, making me look at her as

her! I fuckin love her for god's sake. Looks like the witch's old age is getting to her head now.' Of course, I didn't say anything aloud, in fear that she

I looked at her questioningly not wanting to explain my love to a

the to-be Alpha king now? are truly epic. But, I would like to know, why haven't you told her about your feelings for her, yet? I can practically feel the sexual tension in the air, whenever both of you were around each other alone, from the last one hour in the club.

old woman doesn't have any shame, does she?' I thought while I rolled my eyes

am keeping up with your generation too." She said looking at me earnestly to check

you want?" I asked getting straight to the point,

is for you to take care of her. If I wouldn't have interrupted just now, you would've kissed her right? Don't you know

tell her all about yourself before you kiss her or make any

care whatever you do or how much time you spend with her, just don't break her heart. I have taken the child under my care, and if I see as much as one tear falling from her eyes, I will make sure to destroy many packs before I

she doesn't want to hurt our

Who does this old hag witch think she is to order and warn the alpha king around! Has she lived enough? Does she not love her life anymore? Though, I must say, her words did make sense, about that mate-bond thing.' Hunter said as he paced around

at him,

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