My Personal Lycan King

Chapter-34 I don't want to die like this


I don't want to admit it, but seeing her concerned-filled eyes, I felt a bit touched.

Sighing loudly, I smirked before saying,

"Don't worry baby, I got this." I winked before I pulled my hair right and with a jerk broke a branch from the tree that could be used to beat these guys who were making my night more worse than it already was.

As one of the men neared me with that knife in hand, doing the mistake of delaying as the previous man had done, I lifted the stick in the air before wiping it with full force on his hand. 

As the knife fell from his hand, I turned around before swinging the stick and hitting the second guy to make him drop his dagger that he had taken out from his jacket when I was hitting the first one.

I was about to turn around, when I felt a punch to my side, making me stumble on my footing.

This made me angry this time. I hated being hit from behind the most. 

Breaking the log in two, I looked at the guys with newfound anger, as I started countering their hits with the log while kicking their vital and weak points. 

Giving the roundhouse kick to the second guy who was about to punch me, I send him hitting the tree before I looked at the guy who looked a bit scared now.

Looking into his sacred eyes, I wanted to spare him, but his next move of secretly taking out the small knife from his back pocket made me angry. Punching the face twice, I kicked him straight on his nose bone. 

His eyes rolled back in his head which was a clear indication that he was dead now.

as I was guessing.' I thought and was about to show off and boast about my fighting skills to Carla, however, before I could do that, I could see three more men running towards me while

me!" I thought in my head as I took the fallen knives

To be honest, today was the first time I was feeling the soul of that confident girl from two years back

towards them

I slid towards them while knifing two of them in

heard a shrill scream of agony from them before

and knifing the person in the stomach. Kicking off the second person that was about to come at me, I knifed the third person straight in the chest before he could plunge

he started backing while he was down on the ground. The sight was truly pathetic, with my bloody hands and clothes, but these guys left me no choice but to turn into this monster.

chest of this person,

head to cancel every second thought I was getting to spare him, I plunged my knife in the side of his neck, and stream blood started oozing

on the nearby tree leaves, because let

be thinking I am some kind of weird psychotic murderer. I won't

from any evil thing, even if that comes at the cost of

like this at my home

because I was the daughter of the strongest witch clan princess in the world. They might've come

I won't deny that my adoptive parents had become too protective of me at that time. I guess, they also knew the

and I still remembered how he

he was going crazy with his overprotective feeling, but now that I think about it, it looks like I will be using those skills quite a lot from now on that I

comes trying to kill me, however, I was in for a

killing intent while crying a war cry as if they were

I know. Winning over all of them was a

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