My Personal Lycan King

Chapter-35 Feeling aroused at the wrong time


Before I could rejoice in my happiness that Alexander was here and I might have a chance at survival, a thought struck my mind, that made me more scared than I already was.

"Alexander was just a normal human being. How will he be able to fight off these men alone?" I thought and suddenly remembered the shrill scream filled with the agony that had echoed in the forest just now.

Opening my eyes from the bliss that I was feeling, I looked at the man that was holding me in his arms. However, his eyes were not on me. His eyes were trained on the men that were standing there while they looked at Alexander.

And wait, is that fear in their eyes, that I am sensing?

My eyes then followed on the ground where the man that was about to attack me earlier, was shredded to half.

I looked at Alexander in horror. Did he do that? 

"Oh my god! How much strong is he, to shred a person in two? What is he hiding under that shirt of his?" I thought as my eyes widened in shock.

"Jesus, girl! Is that the only thing you are concerned about? You're more naughty than me!" Carla asked as she looked at the scene in horror. 

I smiled awkwardly at her comment before I blocked my mind from the view I'm front so that she won't have to see this gruesome sight.

She might not be used to all this blood and human killing for all I know.

I must add if you guys were thinking that I am some weird psychotic murderer then Alexander was on a whole other level from me. 

I looked back at the guy, and it was only then, did I noticed his clear hazel eyes that were shining in the dark. It made me want to touch his face, and grab his attention towards me.

"Alexander?" I whispered. Is that weird, that even after seeing such a gruesome sight, I was still not feeling any kind of fear from him. The sense of security from earlier only increased.

"Sshh...I am here. No one will be able to touch you or hurt you anymore, my mate." Alexander said, and boy did his voice felt so nice to my ears.

I don't know if it was just me but I felt like his voice was way deeper than the other times. It might be just my hallucination or because he was angry at the guys, but it was sexy nonetheless.

is not the time for you to get aroused because of his voice and surface your love for him that you have hidden behind all those layers.'I reprimanded myself before I

sat behind a

them, do we?" He asked as

in his eyes that were so captivating and alluring, I just nodded before shaking

her eyes closed until I say to open them, right?" He said as he gripped my chin gently,

agreement, still dazed in his eyes, as I saw him retracing his had. I could see a little blood on his thumb that he used to wipe my lips. Still gazing at me, he put

my mind, feeling more aroused than shocked at

girl." He said before he went behind

get that feeling, when someone tells you to not look at something or do something, but then every cell of your body forces you and becomes curious as

what I

that a small glance won't hurt, I turned around slightly, while

among the

that none of them belonged to my Alexander, I

I just called him Mine? Where the hell did it

turned around again, to see what was happening I saw only 5 men were left

almost convinced to go there and start fighting again to help my savior, but, then I saw him holding

limb separating from his body, as the man hit the tree while his hand was still

the ground, before he plunged the knife in three of them at

And here I was, always acting

but like a

that I can act like I didn't see anything, that included him dismembering the man or taking out

any sound, I thought of turning and see what was happening, but as soon as I tilt my body, I saw Alexander face almost a few inches away from mine, which shocked me making me fall back, as I hit the ground with a

know, curiosity kills the cat," Alexander said in his same deep sexy voice that I have come to love before

body, for any wound, but didn't saw

shirt in my hand I tore the shirt, exposing his chest to me. Placing my hand on the place where he was almost knifed, I searched for any

doing?" Alexander asked as he held my hand in place, by placing

I was doing, and

to check for wounds, but now that I have checked already, my eyes landed on his chest again, going down as I noticed

my god.' I thought in my head, as my eyes explored his chest, looking at them like they were the best

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