My Revenge Life, Fatty to Sexy

Chapter 569 Coax her

At this moment, Robert held a glass of milk in his hand and carefully half-kneeled in front of Zoe, coaxing her as if she was a child, "It's fine if you don't eat lunch, but can you at least drink some milk?"

They are surrounded by staff who are busy.

However, Robert was like in no man's land.

The staff around them all looked as if they had seen a ghost when they saw this image.

Seeing this scene, Jocelyn's eyes were also filled with consternation.

Although she knew that Robert was now very good and kind to Zoe, she did not expect that it could already be done to such an extent.

And Zoe shook her head again, "No, I have no appetite tonight, don't you push me."

She then looked around with embarrassment and took Robert's hand, saying, "I am embarrassed."

As soon as Zoe's words left her mouth, her eyes caught a glimpse of Jocelyn's arrival.

She got up and looked at Jocelyn with a smile.

Jocelyn returned the smile in equal measure.

And when Robert saw this, he also stood up, with one hand lazily wrapping his arm around the Zoe, and the other holding the warm milk, he looked at Jocelyn and said, "Hello, Jocelyn."

"Hello." Jocelyn smiled, flanked by bodyguards, as she made her way to the two of them.

"I'm sorry for this joke." Zoe said carefully looking at Jocelyn, and blushed when she finished.

"No, for two people in love, it's normal." Jocelyn laughed.

Zoe blushed again.

Robert looked at the two female stylists who were standing in front of the dressing table, organizing their things, and said, "Hurry up and style Jocelyn."

The two female stylists then nodded respectfully and said in unison, "Okay."

went up and greeted Jocelyn

to the front of

Jocelyn then sat down.

and said, "Jocelyn, if you have any requests, you can just mention it to them. Anyway, it is most important that

"Got it." Jocelyn smiled.

two stylists and added, "You must serve her

Jocelyn with half-heartedness, or else her

didn't know that Jocelyn was

Jocelyn softly glanced

very necessary." added

head helplessly, "Please, don't

to be like this, Zoe and I are right next , if you need

around Zoe

Zoe sat straight down.

side on the arm of the


Four hours later.


the look as depicted in

even if she does not do anything, just

other staff members all gathered

this Fairy

it looks

uttered, with amazement in their

in the glasses, and

happy with her look, which was almost

mobile phone, shot a small video

fantastic, Jocelyn.

photo. shot, you can get off work, then I will ask

"Okay." smiled Jocelyn, nodding.

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