My Sweetheart

Chapter21 A Passionate New Marriage

On the top floor, it was the first time Kathy came up here, and the long corridor led directly to the unique office.

All along the way, she was surrounded by kinds of gossips. She was an employee who could not be more ordinary. How could she be summoned by the new boss in person!

Kathy frowned and entered the office discontentedly, while Joseph was sitting on the sofa gracefully with big long legs overlapped, showing the powerful and domineering aura.

At the moment, Kathy felt even more strange at him.

"Mrs. Joseph." As soon as he spoke, Kathy ran to cover his mouth immediately.

Also, she quickly turned to look at the door, fortunately, it was closed.

“...What are you doing?" Kathy uttered infuriatedly. Joseph hadn’t told her that he was the new boss. However, he already knew that she was working in NCHV Medical Company Obviously!

"Come here." Joseph took her to his side and sat down with no answer to her question, never caring that it was in the office.

And someone would come in anytime

"Why don't you tell me?" She still asked.

Joseph frowned and looked at her angry face. "It's my business. If Mrs. Joseph wants to know the details of my work, I'm glad to report."

retorted. Just because this time it was something related to her.

for, which of course

mean?" Joseph squinted, and it seemed that he was kind of

not used to your being my new boss." Kathy murmured.

only one identity, your husband!" Joseph held her chin and looked at her hotly

indulged in his eyes actually.

be exposed in the company and any public

displeased and callous

"You don't want people to know we're married, right?"

Kathy nodded in agreement, "we get married only to help each other to solve our family pressure. As

Joseph sipped his lips, and his biting brows and eyes showed his

Kathy, with his eyes so dim

gaze. Wasn't she telling the truth?

That was how they both agreed!

"Right, I hate acting." He said in a low and

the office, Kathy was inevitably caught in the middle of the gossip. And all gossip was answered in one reply, "Cleaning lady quit, so I was just cleaning the office for Dr. Joseph."

"OMG! Why could this task be given to her? I'm

the office for Dr. Joseph. Why doesn’t he let me clean

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