My Sweetheart

Chapter193 Her Man

"Kathy, you are also here." Herbert smiled stiffly.

"Do you know each other?" Jennifer asked unexpectedly.

"We were classmates." Herbert sat down beside Billy and looked at him sadly, "Why don't you call me over earlier."

"You came here, but you didn't tell me." Billy raised his eyebrows with a slightly cold voice.

"I planned to give you a surprise, but you know that I have been on business these days." Herbert was a little dissatisfied.

It was obvious that she blamed Billy for having forgotten her things.

"Okay, stop it, Herbert will stay here tonight. Billy, you should accompany your fiancee." Jennifer said sullenly.

Billy frowned and did not refute.

There was another one on the dinner table, so Herbert couldn't help looking at Kathy, "Is Kathy also on a business?"

"Yeah." Kathy said in a low voice.

"You and Billy have been so close recently." Herbert said casually but unhappily.

"I invited Kathy to come over." Jennifer stared at Herbert with a stern sight.

Herbert lowered her head, and suddenly did not dare to open her mouth again.

She took a small beef rib for Billy, "You like it."

Billy put it in another bowl and didn't eat it.

Jennifer frowned. Everyone at the dinner table had their own thoughts.

After dinner, Kathy immediately left. Billy wanted to send her out, but Herbert stopped him.

"Kathy has a driver. Does she need you to send her home?" Herbert sneered.

Although they didn't love each other, he was still her fiance, her man.

"I worry about her." Billy pushed Herbert away slightly.

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