My Sweetheart

Chapter 642 I'm Lost

The window was half open, and the moonlight filtered in quietly. Joseph turned his back to her, and he could indeed smell a faint scent clearly.

It was not the scent of shampoo or shower gel, but a soft breath that filled the room little by little.

After all, he couldn't help turning around and his arm moved slightly.

At this moment, Kathy did not notice the movement of the man behind her. The bamboo mat was shady, and the slight wind dissipated the heat. At this moment, Kathy only felt that there were bursts of pain in her lower abdomen, which made it difficult for her to sleep.

She curled up her body to be smaller, like a small shrimp. Joseph seemed to have discovered something and asked in a low voice, "Are you cold?"

With that, he had reached out and hugged her into his arms.

Kathy's body stiffened slightly. His hot breath sprayed on both sides of her neck, and her back was pressed against his chest. It was warm and strong, which was an irresistible temptation for her at the moment.

But she didn't dare to rely too much on it, so she subconsciously avoided, and replied in a low voice, "I want to have a rest today."

His hand was on her waist, and he was silent for a while before he hugged her back with a slight force, and whispered, "Yeah."

Kathy was relieved, but she clearly noticed that his palm was slowly going down until it pressed against her lower abdomen, and rubbed it gently.

Kathy didn't stop him, and he didn't stop. The abdominal pain gradually eased a lot. Then Kathy fell asleep in a daze, but the gaze of the man behind her looked hot.

He hadn't let go of her all night, Kathy had fallen asleep well, and he moved closer to her, leaned his chin on her shoulder, and slowly closed his eyes.

His Kathy... She was the only one who could make him such an incurable fascination.

Kathy's body moved. Apparently after falling asleep, she rolled over again,

night, even Joseph himself did not notice, his arms never let go of her,

all night and slept till

her eyes in confusion, she didn't

She slowly got up to wash, and

had already warmly said, "Joseph got up early. The air is good this morning. He went to town

care where Joseph went. She just

yesterday. After breakfast, Kathy

together?" The hostess handed her a bottle of

be back soon."

street alone, and unknowingly she left the town to

foot of the mountain. Kathy went up to inquire, and it turned out that the scenic spot was

down." A man smiled and showed Kathy the

soil on the ground was soft and mottled. Even if she was reluctant when she was brought over by Joseph yesterday, Kathy had to admit that

the mountain road, Kathy realized that although the trail was not difficult to

the foot of the mountain just said that the mountain was not steep at all, especially when climbing to the middle of the mountain, the scenery was more pleasant, so Kathy decided to

on this road was indeed very interesting. Sometimes, a goat raised in the mountains rushed out, and then gradually there was a

it will not get light, so she could only find a dilapidated tiled house to take

was in the small courtyard, she was surprised and asked, "Did you

did she go?" His

until almost six o'clock that someone said

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