My Sweetheart

Chapter 644 Why Bring Me Here

When Kathy woke up the next day, she was a little dazed and didn't know when she fell asleep last night.

The place next to her was already empty and cold. Apparently Joseph had been up for a while.

Laying on the bed with her eyes closed, Kathy heard the footsteps from the stairs.

Someone knocked on the door outside, "Kathy, are you up?"

Kathy hurriedly finished washing and went to open the door.

"I cooked the porridge." The hostess put the food on the table with a smile, "Drink another bowl of ginger soup after eating. After all, you get wet in the rain yesterday."

Kathy remembered the ginger soup last night, smiled and said, "Thank you both."

"It’s my fault. I didn’t remind you not to go to West Mountain. It’s easy to get lost... Yesterday Joseph came back and found that you were gone. He was so anxious that he went out to look for you. When he came back, he insisted on staying there until he finally found you."

Kathy had been drinking the porridge in silence, and the hostess was still talking, "Later, he kept reminding me to make ginger soup for you..."

"I'm done drinking." Kathy suddenly interrupted the hostess, smiled and said, "Thank you."

Because they will leave in the evening, Kathy started packing.

She folded the clothes and put them neatly in the travel bag.

First she put her own, and then put Joseph's, but when she just put his clothes in it, she tore off his clothes angrily.

Thinking of Joseph's threats to her and maintaining such an obscure relationship with him, she took a deep breath and felt a tremendous pressure on her chest.

At this time, Joseph had already entered, and he sat opposite her. He looked at her with a complex expression in his eyes.

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raised his eyebrows at Kathy and asked

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you go for a walk today? The weather is so good, since you will leave at night, go out and take a walk. We can cook meal at

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"Boy," he replied.

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want to go back." Joseph gave a rare smile. Looking at the willow trees

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Joseph raised his head slightly.

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she stepped back involuntarily, she twisted her injured ankle because she accidentally stepped on a stone. She grimaced with pain, and

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